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Инструкция по эксплуатации Marathon, модель Shredder

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This product is designed to give you reliable service and superior performance for years to come. To guarantee top performance from your shredder and safest operation, every person involved in operation, maintenance, and installation should read and thoroughly understand all instructions in this manual and follow all warnings. If you need assistance with your shredder, please contact your equipment distributor. When you contact your distributor, you will need to provide serial number, installation date, and electrical schematic number. If you have any safety concerns with equipment, or need further information, please contact us at: Marathon Equipment Company P.O. Box 1798 Vernon, Al 35592-1798 Attn: Field Service Department 1-800-633-8974 Page 3 PRE-OPERATING SAFETY INSTRUCTIONS PRE-OPERATING SAFETY INSTRUCTIONS • Employers should allow only authorized and trained personnel to operate this equipment. • Do not remove access covers except for servicing. • This shredder utilizes a safety interlock switch and stops power to the motor when the collection bag access door is open. • The electronic circuitry in this shredder performs several functions: Senses the presence of paper in the shredder inlet and automatically starts shredding and then stops the shredder after the paper has passed through. Controls the safety functions of the shredder. Operates the indicator lights. • The automatic start function of this shredder uses a diffuse type photo eye in the paper feed slot to detect the presence of paper. • Depress the stop switch when shredder is not in use. CAUTION: Do not insert any objects other than what it was designed for. ! Never insert hand, fingers or any foreign objects into the feed opening. Serious injury may result. Keep all loose articles of clothing, ties, jewelry, long hair or other loose objects away from feed opening. Serious injury may result. Always turn off and unplug the machine before moving, servicing, cleaning or any other conduct other than normal operation. Serious injury may result. Page 4 EQUIPMENT INFORMATION EQUIPMENT INFORMATION Physical Dimension: Depth:26 1/4” Width:24” Height:44 1/4” Feed Openings: Paper:10” Wide Bottles:4” Diameter x 6” Tall Process Time: 5 Seconds to Process 20 Sheets of 8 1/2” x 11” or 10 Sheets of Pressure Sensitive Labels Shipping Weight: Sound Level: 480 Pounds Less Than 65 Decibels Page 5 Bottle Disposal Door Emergency Stop Switch Forward / Reverse Switch & Power On Light Paper and Label Feed Slot Collection Bag Access Door OPERATING INSTRUCTIONS OPERATING INSTRUCTIONS TO SHRED PAPER: 1. If “EMERGENCY STOP SWITCH” is illuminated, depress button and light will turn off. 2. “POWER ON” light indicates unit is ready to operate. 3. Insert paper into feed slot and photo eye will sense material is present, shredder will process material and automatically shut down. TO SHRED BOTTLES: 1. If “EMERGENCY STOP SWITCH” is illuminated, depress button and light will turn off. 2. “POWER ON LIGHT” indicates unit is ready to operate. 3. Operator raises feed door. 4. Operator places bottle with lid removed into chamber to be shredded. 5. Operator closes door. 6. Shredder starts, processes material and shuts down automatically. HOW TO CLEAR A PAPER JAM: 1. The shredder will automatically attempt to clear itself by rotating the knives forward and reverse if too much or too large of a piece of material is in the chamber. This is normal. If this continues for more than 20 – 30 seconds depress the “EMERGENCY STOP SWITCH”. 2. Empty the collection bag if full. 3. Depress and hold “REVERSE SWITCH” the shredder will attempt to back paper out of paper feed slot. 4. If shredder jams in reverse mode, depress and hold “FORWARD SWITCH”. 5. If shredder jams again, alternate slowly depressing the “REVERSE SWITCH” and “FORWARD SWITCH” to attempt to move jammed paper completely through shredder. 6. If you are unable to clear the jam using this method, depress “EMERGENCY STOP SWITCH” and “UNPLUG THE SHREDDER”, remove the collection bag from cabinet and carefully remove any paper extending below the cutting head. Reinsert collection bag and repeat jam clearing procedure. DANGER: Because the sensor cannot tell the difference between paper and other objects, this feature can be a hazard. To avoid accidents, depress the “EMERGENCY STOP SWITCH” on the shredder as soon as you are finished. Remove electric plug from receptacle if shredder will not be used for an extended period. Page 6 EQUIPMENT SPECIFICATIONS EQUIPMENT SPECIFICATIONS Product Destruction Specifications: Input: Bottles up to 4 1/4” Wide x 3” Deep or3” Diameter x 5” Tall Pressure sensitive labels: 8-1/2” x 11” paper Output: Destruction will be limited to a maximum of 1/8” x 1-1/2” strips Construction Specifications: Drive System: Drive motor with heavy duty 87:1 cycloid gear reducer & #50 chain final drive Cutters: 1/8” wide ground and hardened tool steel Collection System: 12 1/2 gallon disposable collection bag with sealed collect...

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