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Инструкция по эксплуатации Global Machinery Company, модель SHS2400

Производитель: Global Machinery Company
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• Young children should be supervised to ensure that they do not play with the appliance. • Wear protective gloves, protective glasses and hearing protectors. Avoid loose clothing. • Always stand steadily and in balance. Do not stretch towards the machine. • During use, the machine should be level and on a firm surface. • Ensure that all screws and nuts are properly tightened before use. • Only use the machine in dry conditions and never outdoors when it is raining. • Never use the machine with damaged safety devices or without protection. • Keep hands, other parts of your body and clothing away from the feeding hopper and the discharge chute. • Keep your face and the rest of your body away from the feeding hopper. • Do not leave the machine unsupervised, switch off the motor and disconnect the plug. • Hard objects such as stones, bottle, cans or pieces of metal must not be fed into the inlet chute. This can cause damage to the machine. • If the machine becomes blocked, stop the motor and disconnect the plug. Pull out any objects and check for damage. • If the fuse blows or if the overload protection is triggered, this is a sign that the machine is overloaded and/or that too many appliances are connected to the same extension cable. Check the cause and remedy. Do not install a more powerful fuse. • Do not tug on the extension cable. Do not hold the cable taut. This can cause damage in the plugs or in the cables insulation. Such damage is invisible but can be dangerous. • Always keep the extension cable away from the machine. Disconnect the plug from the electric socket and check the cable regularly for signs of damage or ageing. Do not use the machine with a damaged extension cable. • If the cable is damaged, it must be replaced by an authorised service centre in order to avoid a hazard. • Never move the machine by pulling the cable. The machine must not be moved with the motor running. 5 Accessories The GMC Shredder is supplied with the following accessories as standard: • Allen key Unpacking Due to modern mass production techniques, it is unlikely that your power tool is faulty or that a part is missing. If you find anything wrong, do not operate the tool until the parts have been replaced or the fault has been rectified. Failure to do so could result in serious personal injury. Know your product 1. Shredder body 2. On/off switch 3. Forward/Reverse Switch 4. Overload protection button 5. Handle 6. Inlet chute 7. Discharge chute 8. Leg (x 2) 9. Wheel (x 2) 10. Wheel cover (x 2) 11. Axle 12. Axle tube 13. Wheel bush (x 2) 14. Hex bolt (x 2) 15. Washer (x 4) 16. Nut (x 2) 17. Allen key 18. Blade adjusting screw 19. Wave washer (x 2) 20. Spring washer (x 2) 56 7 18 2 4 3 1 89 10 11 12 13 19 17 15 16 14 20 56 7 18 2 4 3 1 89 10 11 12 13 19 17 15 16 14 20 7 Assembly Attaching the legs and wheels WARNING. You may need assistance when lifting the machine out of the box and assembling. Note. The legs should be splayed out at the bottom to give stability to the unit. .................. 1. Position the axle tube (12) between the two wheel supports (8). l Push the wheels (9) onto each end of the axle (11). Note. The wheels must be fitted the correct way round to allow the nuts to tighten on each end of the axle. 4 Position the remaining washers and the locking nuts (16) on each end of the axle and tighten both the wheel nuts using a suitable spanner. 5. Push the wheel covers (10) firmly onto the wheels. WARNING. Take care when tilting the unit onto its wheels as the unit has an uneven weight distribution when tilted and during wheeled transportation. Fitting the legs to the shredder 1. Turn the shredder over onto its side to reveal the wheel support fixing holes on the underside of the shredder body (1). 2. Push the legs (8) into position. 3. Align the holes in the legs with the fixing holes in the shredder body (1). 4. Secure the legs using the hex bolts (14) and wave washers (21) using the small allen key (17) supplied. WARNING. To ensure the stability of the shredder, make sure that the cap headed bolts and wave washers are securely tightened. 8 Operation of the shredder Starting the motor WARNING. Ensure that the shredder is empty before starting the motor. 1. Connect the shredder power cord to an appropriate extension cord and plug it in to the mains power. 2. To start the motor, first make sure the yellow switch is in the forward position and then press the green section of the on/off switch (2) marked with an . Stopping the motor Stop the motor by pressing the red section of the on/off switch (2) marked O. WARNING. Do not feed in any material after the motor has been stopped. This will get caught in the machine and can make restarting impossible. Changing direction of rotation WARNING. The rotation direction switch can only be used if the shredder is switched off. Position For forward action turn the forward/reverse switch to the right. The cutting blades pull the material in and shred it. Position The cuttin...

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