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Инструкция по эксплуатации Kompernass, модель UAV 150 A1

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• Ensure that the power cable never becomes moist or wet during operation. To avoid the risk of injury: • This Strip Cut Shredder attachment should be used by only one person at a time. • Never leave the appliance unattended whilst in use. • Keep loose clothing , long hair and jewelry etc. well away from the cutter opening. • NEVER place your fingers into the cutter opening . • Keep pets away from the appliance. They could injure themselves. • This appliance is not intended for use by individuals (including children) with restricted physical, physiological or intellectual abilities or deficiences in experience and/or knowledge unless they are supervised by a person responsible for their safety or receive from this person instruction in how the appliance is to be used. • The packaging material can be a source of danger for children. Dispose of the material immediately after unpacking or keep it in a safe place not accessible to children. • Lay the power cable in such a way that no one can tread on or trip over it. Tips for safety: • Place the appliance in the immediate vicinity of an electrical power socket. Do not use an extension cable. Ensure that the appliance and the power socket are easily and quickly accessible in the event of an emergency. • Never overburden the appliance. This Strip Cut Shredder attachment is designed for brief operating periods only. • In cases of danger, immediately remove the electrical plug from the socket. • NEVER use this Strip Cut Shredder attachment for tasks for which it was not designed. - 2 • Always be attentive! Always pay attention to what you are doing and act with common sense. Never use the appliance when you are distracted or don’t feel well. Technical data Mains voltage: 220-240 V ~ 50 Hz Rated current : 0,7 A Rated output: 150 W Protection class: II Cutting process for paper: Strip cut security level 2 Working width: 217 mm Cutting capacity: 5 Sheets (80g/m2) Collection container size: Length min. 280 mm Max. 410 mm Width min. 115 mm Overheating protection This appliance is fitted with overheating protection. Should the motor overheat due to an overload, the appliance switches itself off automatically. In this case, remove the plug and wait until the appliance has cooled down to room temperature. You can then reconnect the plug to the mains power socket and take the appliance back into use. We recommend that, after 2 minutes of operation, you allow the appliance to cool down for approx. 60 minutes. Items supplied Strip Cut Shredder Operating instructions Appliance description 1 Switch 2 Cutter opening 3 Power cable 4 Telescope arm Commissioning • Take note: As every paper shredder is tested for functionality after manufacture, it could happen that paper remnants may be found in the cutters. • Place the Strip Cut Shredder attachment onto a suitable container: First place the broad end of the appliance on the edge of the container. Then pull the telescope arm 4 out sufficiently to ensure that this also sits securely on the edge of the container. • Insert the plug into a mains power socket. Operation You can shred up to 5 sheets (80g/m2-Paper) at the same time. Warning: Remove all staples and paper clips before feeding paper into the cutter opening 2. Otherwise the appliance could be damaged. - 3 Switching the appliance into the Fwd mode: • Place the switch 1 for continuous shredding at the position "Fwd" (forward). The appliance runs continuously. Insert paper from above and in portrait format into the cutter opening 2. Switching the appliance into the Auto mode: • Place the switch 1for shredding into the position "Auto". The motor starts automatically and switches itself off automatically if no further paper is inserted. • Take note: Always guide smaller papers into the middle of the cutter opening 2. The contact which starts the cutting process is located there. Clearing a material blockage: • Slide the switch 1 into the position "Rev" (Reverse = reverse) should the paper to be shredded jam. The appliance now goes into reverse and the paper to be shredded is returned. • Pull the paper to be shredded out of the appliance and then place the switch 1 at "Auto". • The appliance is now once again ready for operation. Switching the appliance off: • When you no longer need the appliance, always remove the plug from the mains power socket. Notice regarding overheating of the appliance: If it overheats, the appliance switches off automatically. Warning: Remove the plug from the mains power socket to avoid an unintended starting of the appliance. • Empty the container. • Allow the appliance to cool down. • Re-insert the plug into the mains power socket. • Switch the appliance on, in that the switch 1 is placed into the position "Auto". Cleaning Danger! Always remove the power plug before cleaning the appliance. There is a risk of receiving an electric shock! Warning! The cutters in the appliance are very sharp! Injury hazard! • Remove any remnants that may be present in the...

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