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Инструкция по эксплуатации Mountfield, модель V 2200W

Производитель: Mountfield
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Beware of objects being flung out. Warning! Do not put hands or feet under the cover of the machine when it is running. Warning rotating blades! Remove the plug from the wall socket before carrying out any kind of maintenance. The blades will continue to rotate after the machine has been switched off. Wear safety gloves, safety goggles and hearing protection. EC declaration of conformity С £ Product model Electric compost shrewder Mountfield Quiet Shredder 2200W Type Article No. K201 17-2651-80 Serial No. Motor See machine Sumec M1E-2200 Measured sound power level Guaranteed sound power level 93,2 dB(A) 94 dB(A) Manufacturer GGP Sweden AB, P.O. Box 1006 573 28 Tranàs, Sweden The product conforms with: - Low voltage directive 73/23/EEC - Electromagnetic Compatibility directive 89/336/EEC. - Machine directives 98/37/EEC with special reference to the directive's Annex 1 regarding essential health and safety requirements in association with manufacturing. - Noise Emission Directive 2000/14/EC Issued at Tranâs, 2003-05-16 Mats Antonsson / General Manager 4 SAFETY INSTRUCTIONS A This symbol indicates WARNING Personal injury and/or damage to property may result if the instructions are not followed carefully. GENERAL • Study the warning stickers on the machine. Replace damaged or illegible warning stickers. • Please read through these instructions carefully. Learn all the controls and the correct use of the machine. Keep these instructions. • Never use the machine if others, particularly children or animals, are in the vicinity. Anyone who is not aware of these regulations may not use the machine. Never let children use the machine. • The user is responsible for accidents that happen to other people or their property. PREPARATIONS • Wear protective gloves, protective glasses and hearing protectors. Avoid loose clothing. • Always stand steadily and in balance. Do not stretch towards the machine. Never stand at a higher level than the machine during use. • During use, the machine should be flat and on a firm surface. • Ensure that all screws and nuts are properly tightened before use. • Only use the machine in dry conditions and never outdoors when it is raining. • Never use the machine with damaged safety devices or without protection. USING THE MACHINE • Hard objects such as stones, bottle, cans or pieces of metal must not be fed into the feeding hopper. This can cause damage to the machine. • If the machine becomes blocked, stop the motor and disconnect the plug. Pull out any objects and check for damage. • Do not tug on the connection cable. Do not hold the cable taught. This can cause damage in the plugs or in the cable’s insulation. Such damage is invisible but can be dangerous. machine. Disconnect the plug from the electric socket and check the cable regularly for signs of damage or ageing. Do not use the machine with a damaged connection cable. If the cable is damaged, it must be replaced by an authorised service dealer in order to avoid a hazard. • If the fuse blows or if the overload protection is triggered, this is a sign that the machine is overloaded and/or that two many appliances are connected to the same lead. Check the cause and remedy. Do not install a more powerful fuse. • Keep hands, other parts of your body and clothing away from the feeding hopper and the discharge chute. Never wear loose clothing or clothes with belts or straps when using the machine. • Keep away from the discharge zone when starting the motor. • Do not allow the pile of processed material to build up inside the discharge chute. This blocks new material and can cause the machine to change its direction of rotation. • Keep your face and the rest of your body away from the feeding hopper. • Never move the machine by pulling the cable. The machine must not be moved with the motor running. • Do not leave the machine unsupervised, but first switch off the motor and disconnect the plug. MAINTENANCE AND STORAGE • During cleaning and maintenance, wear protective gloves to avoid injury. • Switch off the motor and disconnect the plug before carrying out checks or maintenance on the machine. • If a foreign object comes into contact with the spiral cutter or if the machine produces an abnormal noise level or abnormal vibrations, switch off the motor immediately Disconnect the plug and check for any damage. • The manufacturer’s obligations and liability (according to the Product Liability Act) only apply on the condition that only spare parts approved by the manufacturer are used. • Store the machine in a dry place. • Always keep the connection cable away from the • When, after many years of service, your machine needs to be replaced or is no longer required, we recommend that the machine is returned to your distributor for recycling. ASSEMBLY Always disconnect the plug from the electric socket before assembly. Always wear protective gloves to avoid injury. LEGS 1. The le...

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