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Инструкция по эксплуатации White Outdoor, модель Yard Boss 950

Производитель: White Outdoor
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Replace if worn or damaged. Keep vacuum bag free of debris when not in use. A WARNING - YOUR RESPONSIBILITY: Restrict the use of this power machine to persons who read, understand and follow the warnings and instructions in this manual and on the machine. 3 SECTION 2: SAFETY LABELS FOUND ON YOUR UNIT. ROTATING BLADES INSIDE. KEEP HANDS AWAY FROM ALL OPENINGS. DO NOT REMOVE OR ATTACH NOZZLE OR OPTIONAL HOSE KIT WHEN ENGINE IS RUNNING! S30183 A DANGER DO NOT OPERATE THIS UNIT WITHOUT ENTIRE BAG AND DISCHARGE CHUTE IN PLACE. TURN THE ENGINE OFF AND ALLOW THE IMPELLER TO COME TO A COMPLETE STOP BEFORE REMOVING ROTATING CUTTING BLADES. KEEP HANDS AND FEET OUT OF OPENINGS WHILE MACHINE IS RUNNING. S30181 A WARNING TO AVOID SERIOUS INJURY • Read Owner's Manual and all safety labels on machine before starting and using machine. • Keep hands, feet, face, long hair and clothing out of chipper inlet, vac inlet, and discharge area. There are ROTATING BLADES inside these openings. • Wear approved safety glasses and gloves. Avoid loose fitting clothes. • Keep the area of operation clear of all persons, particularly small children and pets. • Keep all shields and guards (e.g. upper chipper chute extension, discharge chute, nozzle assembly) In place and securely attached. • Check bag frequently for wear. Replace if worn or damaged. • If unit becomes clogged or jammed, shut off engine right away. Do not attempt to dear clog or jam with engine running. Refer to Maintenance Section of Owner's Manual for unclogging instructions. • Muffler and engine get hot and can cause burns. Do not touch. To avoid a fire hazard, keep leaves, grass, and other combustible debris off hot muffler and engine. • Do not attempt to remove or attach vac nozzle or optional Hose Kit with engine running. Donot operate unit unless nozzle or optional Hose Kit is secured in place. • Do not fill gas tank while engine is running. Allow engine to cool at least 2 minutes before re-fueling. 4 SECTION 3: FINDING YOUR MODEL NUMBER This Operator’s Manual is an important part of your new chipper-vacuum. It will help you assemble, prepare and maintain your chipper-vacuum. Please read and understand what it says. Before you prepare your chipper-vacuum for its first use, please locate the model plate and copy the information from it in this Operator’s Manual. The information on the model plate is very important if you need help from your dealer or the Customer Support Department. • Every chipper-vacuum has a model plate. You can locate it by standing behind the unit In the operating position and looking down at the frame just below the engine. • The model plate will look like this. xxx-x-xxx-x-xxx xxxxxxxxxxx WHITE OUTDOOR MfUIT-v PRODUCTS COMPANY WHITcij/ p.o. box 361131 CLEVELAND, OHIO 44136 ^ This is where your model number will be. This is where your serial number will be. Copy the model number here:, Copy the serial number here: _ SECTION 4: CALLING WARRANTY SERVICE If you are having difficulty assembling this product or if you have any question regarding the controls, operation or maintenance of this chipper-vaccum, please call the Customer Dealer Referral Line. You can reach them by cailing: 1-800-949-4483 Before calling your local dealer, make sure that you have your model and serial numbers ready. By having the model and serial numbers ready, you help your local dealer give you faster service. To find your units model and serial number, see SECTION 3: FINDING YOUR MODEL NUMBER. 5 SECTION 5: ASSEMBLY INSTRUCTIONS IMPORTANT: This Hub Caps «A Figure 1 I Bracket Wave Washer Shoulder Bolt Cupped Figure 2 Wing Nuts unit is shipped WITHOUT GASOLINE or OIL in the engine. After assembly, see separate engine manual for proper fuel and engine oil recommendations. NOTE: To determine right and left hand sides of your chipper-vacuum, stand behind and face the unit TO REMOVE CHIPPER-VACUUM FROM CARTON 1. Remove staples, break glue on top flaps, or cut tape at carton end and peel along top flap to open carton. 2. Remove loose parts if included with unit (i.e., operator’s manual, etc.). 3. Cut corners and lay carton down flat. 4. Remove packing material. 5. Push down on handle to lift the front of the chipper-vacuum, and roll unit out of carton. Check carton thoroughly for loose parts. TOOLS REQUIRED FOR ASSEMBLY (1) 3/4" Open End Wrench* (2) 1/2" Wrenches* (1) Funnel (1) 9/16" Wrench* (1) Set of Pliers (2) 7/16” Wrenches* ‘Adjustable wrenches may be used. LOOSE PARTS IN CARTON (See Figure 1) (2) Front Wheels (1) Bag (2) Hub Caps (1) Shift Knobf (1) Nozzle (1) Tamper Plugt (Opt.) (1) C hi pper Ch ute (1) Safety G lassest (1) Support Bracket tNot Shown ATTACHING THE FRONT WHEELS 1. Tilt unit backward so that it rests on the handle (place a piece of the carton under handle to avoid scratches). Remove the cardboard packing material around the wheel brackets. 2. Remove the hex lock nuts and shoulder bolt...

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