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Инструкция по эксплуатации Esoteric, модель X-03

Производитель: Esoteric
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< Do not stick papers or protective sheets on the discs and do not use any protective coating spray. < Use a soft oil-based felt-tipped pen to write the information on the label side. Never use a ball-point or hard-tipped pen, as this may cause damage to the recorded side. < Never use a stabilizer. Using commercially available CD stabilizers with this unit will damage the mechanisms and cause them to malfunction. < Do not use irregular shape CDs (octagonal, heart shaped, business card size, etc.). CDs of this sort can damage the unit: < If you are in any doubt as to the care and handling of a CDR/ CD-RW disc, read the precautions supplied with the disc, or contact the disc manufacturer directly. Connections Connections CAUTION: < Switch off the power to all equipment before making connections. < Read the instructions of each component you intend to use with this unit. < Be sure to insert each plug securely. To prevent hum and noise, avoid bundling the signal interconnection cables together with the AC power cord or speaker cables. Master clock generator Stereo amplifier (G-0s, etc.) XLR cableRCA cable A AUDIO IN R L R L Connect either the XLR or RCA cables. WORD SYNC OUT F RCA coaxial cable BNC coaxial cable Balanced XLR pin assignment D C E B optical digital cable Supplied power cord i.LINK cable Connect either one. DIGITAL IN (OPTICAL) DIGITAL IN (COAXIAL) Wall socket Digital audio device (CD recorder, MD deck, etc.) i.LINK(AUDIO) (IEEE1394) Amplifier A Analog audio output terminals Use either the XLR or RCA (pin) terminals for analog stereo output. XLR: Use balanced XLR audio cable RCA: Use RCA (pin) audio cable < When using these terminals, set the Analog Out setting to “2ch” (or select “2ch” using the 2CH/MULTI button of the remote control unit) to downmix the multi-channel material to two channels. Note that if the Analog Out setting is set to “Multi ch”, only the front L/R sound of the multi-channel material will be output from these terminals. B Digital audio output terminals Digital audio from CD is output from these terminals. The unit may be connected using either coaxial or optical (TOS) commercially available cables to amplifiers, or to digital audio devices such as CD recorders, etc. COAXIAL: Use RCA (pin) digital audio cable OPTICAL: Use optical digital audio cable (TOS) < The optical terminal is covered by a shutter. Make sure that the cable is firmly inserted, but do not force the cable when connecting it or removing it, in order not to cause damage to the unit. < The DIGITAL OUT terminals cannot output the digital audio from Super Audio CDs. C i.LINK (AUDIO) terminal In addition to the digital audio from CD, the digital surround audio from Super Audio CDs can be output from this terminal. Use a commercially available S400 compatible i.LINK (IEEE1394) 6pin cable to connect the unit to an amplifier. < When using this terminal, set the i.LINK output setting to “i.60958” or “i.PCM” (see page 19). < See page 20 for further details on i.LINK. < To enjoy surround sound from a Super Audio CD, connect the i.LINK (AUDIO) terminal to a suitably equipped surround sound amplifier. D Word sync connector This allows the use of an externally-generated word clock connection, using a commercially available BNC coaxial cable. Devices producing such a suitable clock signal include external D-A converters, or dedicated word clock generators. Connect the SYNC OUT (or WORD OUT) of such a device to the unit. E SIGNAL GND connection Use a commercially available PVC-covered cord to connect the signal ground terminal on the unit to the amplifier signal ground. < Note that this is NOT an electrical safety ground (earth). F Power cord receptacle After all other connections have been made, insert the supplied AC power cord into this receptacle, then connect the other end of the power cord into the wall socket. Ensure that your AC voltage corresponds to the voltage marked on the rear panel of the unit. Consult a qualified electrician if you are in doubt. < In order to avoid the risk of electric shock, fire, and so on, only use the supplied power cord. < If you are not going to use the unit for some time, disconnect the power cord from the wall socket. Front panel features Front panel features A B C F E D G H I J CLOCK MODE Use this to select an external word sync source connected to the WORD SYNC connector on the rear panel. Remote control sensor Receives signals from the remote control unit. Point the remote control unit at this sensor when operating the remote control unit. Display Disc tray OPEN/CLOSE Use this to open and close the disc tray. STOP Use this to stop playback. When playback is stopped, the ring surrounding the button lights up. Also use this to change the i.LINK output setting. PLAY Use this to start playback. When a disc is being played back, the ring surrounding the button lights up. PAUSE Use this to pause playback. When playback is temporarily paused, the ring surrounding this button lights up. SKIP...

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