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Инструкция по эксплуатации FUNAI, модель ZV457MG9 A

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IF YOU HAVE READ YOUR INSTRUCTIONS AND STILL NEED ASSISTANCE, YOU MAY ACCESS OUR ONLINE HELP AT HTTP://WWW.MAGNAVOX.COM/SUPPORT OR CALL 1-800-605-8610 WHILE WITH YOUR PRODUCT. INSTRUCCIONES EN ESPANOL INCLUIDAS. © 2009 Funai Electric Co., Ltd. Recording Playback EditingIntroduction Connections Basic Setup Function VCR Functions Others Espanol For more info, please contact 1-800-605-8610 or visit : After all the connections are complete, connect the AC power cord. 1 2 4 5 3 Insert two Size AA (R6) batteries. 2 Press [STANDBY- ON ] to turn on the unit. 3 Turn on your TV. 4 Press the button on the TV’s remote control that accesses the external input channel repeatedly until you see "Initial Setup" menu. (Please refer to your TV’s owner's manual.) If the TV is connected by an HDMI cable, it may take a while for the "Initial Setup" menu to come up. 5 Prepare 4. “Auto Presetting Now” If a PBS (public broadcasting station) is available in your area, clock setting will automatically be performed and the correct clock will be displayed following the channel preset procedure. Initial setting is then complete. Press [RETURN] to exit. If a PBS (public broadcasting station) available in your area, press [OK] . Then proceed to step 5 in "Manual Clock Setting" on page 32 Manual. 6 Use [ K/L] to select your desired language, then press [ OK] . 7 Use [ /L] to select the type of broadcasting signal, then press [ OK] . Press [REC] to start recording. Writing to Disc Please finalize the disc when the writing is completed before playing back on other DVD players. 90% 1 Insert a recordable disc (refer to page 26 in the Owner's Manual on how to insert a disc). Press [REC MODE] repeatedly to select a recording mode. Select the appropriate external input channel by pressing [SOURCE] or [CHANNEL / ]. Press [DTV/TV] to select analog TV or digital TV, then use [ CHANNEL / ] or [the Number buttons] and [ • ] (for digital TV channels) to select a desired channel to record. Press [STOP C] to stop recording. The title list will appear automatically after writing to a disc completes. You will need to finalize DVD+R, DVD-RW or DVD-R to play them back on other DVD players. Refer to page 54 in the Owner's Manual on how to finalize a disc. Channel Preset Make sure the antenna is connected to “ANTENNA IN” jack. Antenna Cable (Analog / Digital) • Press [STOP C] to exit the title list. Press [DVD] first. Align the disc to the disc tray guide. 5. e.g.) DVD+R Cable (Analog) Initial Setup Select the language for Setup display. OSD Language English Francais Espanol Record(DVD) Manual Please read the supplied Owner's Manual for the detailed instructions. When you use the cable/satellite box, please connect according to below L R L R IN - - - AUDIO--- OUT IN - - - VIDEO --- OUT OUT IN ANTENNA RCA audio cable RCA video cable ANT. INANT.OUT RF coaxial cable cable/satellite box rear of this unit Quick Guide Digital Video Disc Recorder & Video Cassette Recorder with Digital Tuner ZV457MG9 A E9S80UD 1VMN26714 ...Select 2. Antenna Connection 1. Connect 3. Prepare 4. Record (DVD) 5. Antenna Connection 1. Printed in China This connection is for TV loop through only OUT IN ANTENNA RF coaxial cable cable TV company or Your TV rear of this unit HDMI OUT DIGITAL AUDIO OUT AUDIO OUT S-VIDEO I COAXIAL L B B R R L S-VIDEO IN - -- AUDIO--T I N --- - COMPONENT DVD/VCR OUT IN ANTENNA VHF / UHF antenna RF coaxial cable O --- OU O --- OU 2.Select 3. HDMI cable sends both audio and video digital signals. (No additional audio connection is required.) Refer to “Connecting to a TV Using the S-Video Out Jack” on page 17 in the Owner’s Manual for the connection using an S-video cable. Progressive-compatible Supports only 480i resolution. Progressive-compatible(480p) Best HDMI Cable Better Basic the appropriate connection Connect Your TV Your TV Your TV Your TV Your TV For more info, please contact 1-800-605-8610 or visit : Please read the supplied Owner's Manual for the detailed instructions. info Manual Audio + HDMI IN HDMI IN HDMI cable Component video cable Audio cable Audio cable Video cable COMPONENT VIDEO IN Y PB/CB PR/CR AUDIO IN R L AUDIO IN VIDEO IN AUDIO IN R L VIDEO IN R L Do not tilt the connector when inserting it into the HDMI jack, and make sure the shapes of the jack and the connector are matched. HDMI cable not included. High Speed HDMI Cable (also known as HDMI category 2 cable) is recommended for the better compatibility. Cables used in this connection are as follows: • Audio cable (L/R) x 1 (Included ) • Component video cable x 1 (Cable not included.) Cables used in this connection are as follows: • Audio cable (L/R) x1 (Included) • Video cable x1(Included) Video Audio Video + Audio Video High Definition TV Standard Definition TV Standard Definition TV Standard Definition TV HDMI OUT Component Video Cable and Audio Cable Video Cable and Audio Cable Your TV Audio cable Component video cable HDMI ...

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