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Инструкция по эксплуатации Esoteric, модель X-05

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Pressing and holding these buttons for more than a second changes the scanning speed (page 14). 9 ENGLISH Front panel display a u H *SA-CDVCD • DVD-AV I H DOWN MIX cDCH I MULTI] LSHs1_rRSirLFE n Disc type indicator Shows the type of disc currently loaded CD or SACD. Note: This display also lights when DVD video, DVD audio or Video CD discs are loaded (but playback of these types of discs is not possible with this unit). ^ REPEAT indicator Lights when repeat play mode is selected. J SETUP indicator Lights in the setup menu mode. m Message area Alphanumeric display to show times, status messages, etc. ^ DOWN MIX indicator Lights to show that a multi-channel audio source has been down mixed to 2 channels. f MULTI channel indicator (For use with the optional i.LINK connector) Lights when the playback mode is set to "Multi ch" (page 17). If you have optionally upgraded to add the i.LINK connection, then this indicator will lite when you are in the multi-channel digital playback mode. Channel indicators Lights "L" and "R" during playback of 2-channel stereo sound. Lights the channels currently in use, during playback of multichannel sound. ^ i.LINK indicator If you have optionally upgraded to add the i.LINK connector, this indicator will light when the i.LINK output is set to "60958" or "PCM" (page 17). 10 Understanding the remote control unit This manual uses the button names of main unit to explain the operation. However, the same names of the remote control buttons can also be used the same way. A ON/LIGHT, STANDBY These buttons do not work on the X-05. H Number buttons Used to enter the track number for playback. q PLAY AREA When a hybrid Super Audio CD is loaded and the disc is not being played, press this button to change the play area of the disc (page 13). D 2CH/MULTI If you have optionally upgraded to add the i.LINK connection, then this button will become operational. Press to select 2-channel stereo or multi-channel surround audio output (page 17). ^ SCAN Press to scan forward and backward during playback (page 13). H STOP (■) Press to stop playback (page 13). G PLAY (►) Press to start playback (page 12). H VOLUME These buttons do not work on the X-05. However, if you use the X-05 with an Esoteric integrated amplifier and/or specific Esoteric D/A converters, then these volume controls will become operational. J INPUT These buttons do not work on the X-05. However, they can be used with Esoteric D/A converters and integrated amplifiers. J DIMMER Press to select one of four brightness levels for the display and indicator lamps (page 15). K SETUP This button does not work on the X-05 (it is only used on Esoteric audio video disc players for menu setup functions). U OPEN/CLOSE (L) Use this button to open and close the disc tray (page 13). M CLEAR Press to clear entry errors. M DISPLAY Press to change display mode (page 15). O REPEAT Press to engage the repeat playback mode (page 14). 2 DVD operation buttons This button does not work on the X-05 (because the X-05 is a SACD/CD player only). Q SKIP (.//) Press to skip forward or backward during audio playback (page 14). ra PAUSE (II) Press to pause disc playback (page 13). ^ MUTING This button does not work on the X-05. However, it can be used with Esoteric D/A converters and integrated amplifiers. 11 ENGLISH Remote Control Unit Notes on use • Point the remote control unit at the main unit's remote sensor within seven meters (23 feet) of the main unit. There should not be any obstacles between the player and the remote control unit. • Do not allow direct sun or other light to shine on the remote sensor part of the main unit. This may cause the remote control unit to work incorrectly. • Note that other units with remote controls may operate incorrectly because of infrared light "overspill" when you operate this remote control unit. How to insert the batteries Remove the cover of the remote control unit with a Philips screwdriver. After checking the polarity (+/©) of two AA batteries, insert the batteries, replace the cover and replace the screws. Battery Replacement If the distance required between the remote control unit and main unit decreases, the batteries are exhausted. In this case replace the batteries with new ones. Precautions concerning batteries • Be sure to insert the batteries with correct positive "©" and negative "©" polarities. • Use batteries of the same type. Never use different types of batteries together. • Rechargeable or non-rechargeable batteries can be used but not mixed together. Refer to the precautions on their labels. • When the remote control unit is not to be used for a long time (more than a month), remove the batteries from the remote control unit to prevent them from leaking. • If the batteries leak, wipe away the liquid inside the battery compartment and replace the batteries with new ones. Playback (1) 3 Press the POWER button to tur...

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