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Инструкция по эксплуатации Hilti, модель WSR1200-PE

Производитель: Hilti
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Warranty Hilti warrants that the tool supplied is free of defects in material and workmanship. This warranty is valid so long as the tool is operated and handled correctly, cleaned and serviced properly and in accordance with the Hilti Operating Instructions, all warranty claims are made within 12 months from the date of the sale (invoice date), and the technical system is maintained. This means that only original Hilti consumables, components and spare parts may be used in the tool. This warranty provides the free-of-charge repair or replacement of defective parts only. Parts requiring repair or replacement as a result of normal wear and tear are not covered by this warranty. Additional claims are excluded, unless stringent national rules prohibit such exclusion. In particular, Hilti is not obligated for direct, indirect, incidental or consequential damages, losses or expenses in connection with, or by reason of, the use of, or inability to use the tool for any purpose. Implied warranties of merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose are specifically excluded. For repair or replacement, send tool and/or related parts immediately upon discovery of the defect to the address of the local Hilti marketing organization provided. This constitutes Hilti’s entire obligation with regard to warranty and supersedes all prior or contemporaneous comments and oral or written agreements concerning warranties. Disposal Most of the materials from which Hilti power tools are manufactured can be recycled. The materials must be correctly separated before they can be recycled. In many countries, Hilti has already made arrangements for taking back your old electric tools for recycling. Please ask your Hilti customer service department or Hilti sales representative for further information. Should you wish to return the electric tool yourself to a disposal facility for recycling, proceed as follows: Dismantle the tool as far as possible without the need for special tools. Use absorbent paper to wipe lubricated parts clean and to collect the grease that runs out (total quantity approx. 50 ml). This paper should also be disposed of correctly. On no account should grease be allowed to enter the waste water system or to find its way into the ground. The individual parts should be separated as follows: Part / assembly Main material Recycling Toolbox Plastic Plastic Outer casing Plastic / elastomer Plastic Gear housing Magnesium alloy Scrap metal Grip Plastic Plastic Electronics module and switch Various Electronics scrap Fan Plastic Plastic Motor (rotor and stator) Steel and copper Scrap metal Supply cord Copper, elastomer sheath Scrap metal Gearing parts Steel Scrap metal Screws, small parts Steel Scrap metal Troubleshooting Symptom Possible cause Possible solution The tool doesn’t start Fault in the electric power supply Plug in another electric tool and check whether it starts Defective supply cord or plug Have it checked by an electrical specialist and replace if necessary Switch defective Have it checked by an electrical specialist and replace if necessary Tool doesn’t produce full Cross-section of the Use an extension cord of adequate cross- power extension cord is inadequate sectional area. See section “Preparation for use” Stroke rate regulator set to "low” Set stroke rate regulator to position 4 (fig. ) Control switch is not pressed fully Press the control switch as far as it will go Orbital action does not react Function switch not set to Set function switch to orbital action orbital action Orbital action is perceptible only when sawing. Saw blade cannot be Locking sleeve not turned Turn locking sleeve as far as it removed from the blade clamp as far as it will go will go and remove saw blade Konformitatserklarung Bezeichnung: Sabelsage Typenbezeichnung: WSR1200-PE Konstruktionsjahr: 2000 Wir erklaren in alleiniger Verantwortung, dass dieses Produkt mit den folgenden Richtlinien und Normen ubereinstimmt: EN 55014-1, EN 55014-2, EN 50144-1, EN 50144-2-11 gemass den Bestimmungen der Richtlinien 73/23/EWG, 89/336/EWG und 98/37/EWG EC declaration of conformity Description: Reciprocating saw Designation: WSR1200-PE Year of desing: 2000 We declare, under our sole responsibility, that this product complies with the following directives and standards: EN 55014-1, EN 55014-2, EN 50144-1, EN 50144-2-11 according to the provisions of the directives 73/23/EWG, 89/336/EWG und 98/37/EWG Declaration de conformite CE Designation: Scie sabre Modele/type: WSR1200-PE Annee de conception: 2000 Nous declarons sous notre seule et unique responsabi lite que ce produit est conforme aux directives et normes suivantes: EN 55014-1, EN 55014-2, EN 50144-1 et EN 50144-2-11, conformement aux dispositions des directives 73/23/CEE, 89/336/CEE et 98/37/CEE. Dichiarazione di conformita CE Designazione: Seghetto frontale Modello: WSR1200-PE Anno di costruzione: 2000 Dichiariamo, con nostra unica responsabilita, la conformita di questo prodotto con le...

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