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Инструкция по эксплуатации ABC Office, модель ULTIMA 65

Производитель: ABC Office
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(45 kg). The surface should be at least 30 inches high to assure comfortable positioning during operation. All four rubber support feet should be positioned completely on the supporting surface. The supporting surface may also be large enough to hold the material to be laminated. 3. The laminator should be positioned to allow exiting film to drop freely to the floor. Accumulation of laminate immediately behind the laminator as it exits the equipment may cause the film to wrap around the pull rollers, resulting in a “jammed” condition. 4. Avoid locating the laminator near sources of heat or cold. Avoid locating the laminator in the direct path of forced heated or cooled air. 5. Connect the attachment plug provided with the laminator to a suitably grounded outlet only. Avoid connecting other equipment to the same branch circuit to which the laminator is connected as this may result in nuisance tripping of circuit breakers or fuses. SPECIFICATIONS Operating Speed -1.5 fpm (45.6 cm) to 10 fpm (3m). Dimensions - 32.5 in. (83 cm) wide x 21 in. (53 cm) long x 12 in. (31 cm) high. Weight - 85 lb. (39 kg). Electrical requirements - Refer to the serial plate located on the rear of the laminator for the specific electrical rating applicable to the unit. Voltage 120V~60Hz 230 - 50 Hz Current 12.5A 7.8 A Power 1500 W 1800 W KNOW YOUR GBC ULTIMA 65 LAMINATOR A. POWER SWITCH: Located at the back right of the machine applies power to the laminator. The “POWER” lamp will illuminate when position marked "I” is pushed. The off position marked "O" removes power from the laminator (Figure 1). B. CONTROL PANEL: Figure 2 POWER LAMP: Indicates that the laminator is plugged in and the main power switch is in the “ON” (I) position. WAIT LAMP: Illuminates when you first turn the laminator on and when the temperature of the heat rollers is insufficient for the selected film gauge setting. O READY LAMP: Indicates when the laminator has sufficient heat for the selected film * I n STANDBY BUTTON: This button illuminates when the \_) laminator goes into the "STANDBY” mode, reducing the temperature. When pressed, it enables the unit to return to the predetermined film gauge setting. 1 MIL BUTTON: Selects the heat and speed settings for this gauge film. The laminator automatically defaults to this setting whenever the power switch is activated. (!) Ultima Film (1 Mil) can be identified by a red stripe in the cardboard core. 1.5 3 MIL BUTTON: This button must be pressed to set temperature and speed settings required for these thicker gauge films. FAST: When pressed this button increases the speed of the laminator overriding the preset condition. SLOW: When pressed this button decreases the speed of the laminator overriding the preset condition.

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