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Инструкция по эксплуатации Fellowes, модель VOYAGER 125

Производитель: Fellowes
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Lea estas instrucciones antes del usarlo. E F S High-Performance OfVoyager 125TM Please read these instructions before use. Lire ces instructions avant utilisation. Lea estas instrucciones antes del usarlo. E F S VOYAGER LAMINATOR Up Standby Right Left (+) (-) Reverse LCD Display Down 5 sec 30 min 30 min ZZZZZZAutoLam -Automatic Lamination Manual Lamination EASY-ACCESS LOCKING SCREW ATTENTION: ATTENTION: ATENCION: TOP COVER LOCKING SCREW MUST BE LA VIS DE VERROUILLAGE DU COUANTES DE ABRIR ESTA MAQUINA, DEBE REMOVED BEFORE THIS MACHINE CAN VERCLE DOIT ETRE RETIREE AVANT DE RETIRAR EL TORNILLO DE RETENCION BE OPENED. POUVOIR OUVRIR CET APPAREIL. DE LA CUBIERTA SUPERIOR. Note: You will be unable to operate Remarque: Vous ne pourrez pas Nota: Si no retira el tornillo de retenthe easy access feature to open the activer la fonction d’acces facile cion de la tapa superior (A), no podra machine for cleaning/maintenance permettant d’ouvrir l’appareil pour utilizar la funcion de acceso rapido if the top lid locking screw (A) is not le nettoyage/entretien, si la vis de para abrir la maquina y limpiarla o removed first. verrouillage du couvercle (A) n’est pas realizarle mantenimiento. d’abord retiree. Remove this screw LAMINATOR CONTROLS C K I B J A DE FGH QUICK START GUIDE SETTING UP THE LAMINATOR 1 234 STEPS TO LAMINATE - AutoLam 5 678 9 10 11 12 ENGLISH E ENGLISH E CAPABILITIES Performance Entry width 12.5” / 317mm Estimated heat-up time 4 minutes Cool down time 30-60 minutes Lamination speed variable -max. 35” / 90cm/min Laminating mechanism Belt-drive Ready indication Light & beep Auto shut-off Yes (60 mins) Photo-capable Yes Carrier-free Yes Technical Data Voltage / Frequency / Current(Amps) 120V AC, 60Hz, 8.5A Wattage 1100 Watts Dimensions (WxDxH) 25” x 8.5” x 6.3” / 634 x 215 x 159mm Net weight 22lb / 10 kg Laminating capacity (max thickness) 0.04” Max pouch thickness 10 Mil. / 250 micron (total thickness = 2 x 10 = 20 Mil.) IMPORTANT SAFETY INSTRUCTIONS CAUTION: Please read before use and keep for future reference. When laminating; -plug the machine into an easily accessible main socket. -to prevent electrical shock - do not use the appliance close to water, do not spill water on the appliance, power cord or main socket. - When working with very small pouch sizes (less than 3” / 75mm long) place the pouch within a carrier or on a sheet of paper. DO ensure the machine is on a stable surface. DO test laminate scrap sheets before final laminations. DO remove staples and other metal articles prior to laminating. DO keep the machine away from heat and water sources. DO turn off the machine after each use. DO unplug the machine when not in use for an extended period. DO use pouches designed for use at the appropriate settings. DO keep away from pets, while in use. DO only use Fellowes Roller Wipes (item #57037) for internal cleaning. DO NOT use appliance if the power cord is damaged. DO NOT attempt to open or otherwise repair the machine beyond the Easy-Access functions. DO NOT exceed the machines quoted performance. DO NOT allow children to use this machine without adult supervision. DO NOT laminate sharp or metal objects (eg: staples, paper clips). DO NOT laminate heat-sensitive documents (eg: tickets, ultrasounds etc). DO NOT laminate with self-adhesive pouches (which require a cold setting). DO NOT laminate an empty pouch. DO NOT use sharp objects to clean laminator. LAMINATOR CONTROLS A Easy-Access opening cover G Selection buttons (up/down/left/right) B Adjustable document entry guide H Select / OK button C Entry support shelf I Detachable document exit tray D Reverse button J On/off switch (at rear) E Standby button K Carry points (at sides) F LCD user interface FEATURES & TIPS FEATURES CLEAN ME SAFE TO TOUCH AutoLam laminating Automatically senses the thickness of inserted pouch and document and self-adjusts to optimal laminating settings. The laminator defaults to ‘AutoLam’ setting if no other function is selected within 5 seconds of switching it on. Easy-Access open mechanism The Easy-Access mechanism allows user to safely and easily open the laminator for cleaning and maintenance. Auto Reverse function / overload protection Reverses laminating process until the pouch has been ejected from the machine in case of misfeeds and overloads. CleanMe glue sensor Checks if glue or dirt is on the mechanism and guides the user to clean the laminator. HeatGuard™ technology Keeps the laminator surface up to 50% cooler and makes it more energy efficient then comparable laminators. The Auto shut-down switches the machine off if it hasn’t been used for 60mins to save energy. To return to the “Home” Menu at any stage, press the “Left/back” key on the navigation buttons. The Entry Guide can be manually adjusted (especially for smaller documents) to ensure the items are best supported when inserted and helps avoid mis-feeds. If the service symbol shows in the LCD screen, please call your service engineer or Fellowes custome...

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