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Инструкция по эксплуатации Sony, модель TC-WR681

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In this manual, the TC-WE525 is the model used for illustration purposes. Any difference in operation is clearly indicated in the text, for example, “TC-WE525 only.” Type of differences Model WE525 WE425 WR681 Feature Pitch control • PHONES jack • • CD Synchro- Recording The power switch The power switch is different, depending on the place you purchased the tape deck. Where purchased The power switch U.S.A. 1/u Other countries U Convention The following icon is used in this manual: Indicates hints and tips forzmaking the task easier. TABLE OF CONTENTS Getting Started Unpacking 4 Hooking Up the System 4 Playing a Tape 5 Recording on a Tape 6 Advanced Recording Operations Adjusting the Recording Level Automatically (Auto Rec Level) 8 Fading In and Out (Fader) 9 Dubbing a Tape 9 Inserting a Blank Space During Recording (Record Muting) 10 Synchro-Recording With a CD Player Through a Monaural (2P) Mini-plug Cord (TC-WE525/WE425 only) 11 Additional Information Precautions 13 Notes on Cassette Tapes 13 Cleaning 14 Troubleshooting 15 Specifications 16 Index 17 Getting Started Getting Started Unpacking Check that you received the following items: • Audio connecting cords (2) Hooking Up the System This section describes how to hook up the tape deck to an amplifier. Be sure to turn off the power of each component before making the connections. To purchasers of the TC-WR681 For information on connecting your tape deck to the TA-AV581 Amplifier, refer to the Operating Instructions included with the TA-AV581. To purchasers of the TC-WE525/WE425 Follow the instructions below to connect your tape deck to an amplifier. TC-WE525/WE425 CONTROL A1 REC OUT TAPE IN .. to a wall outlet to an AC outlet CD player Amplifier .: Signal flow Hookups • Connecting the tape deck to an amplifier Connect the amplifier to the LINE IN/OUT connectors using the supplied audio connecting cords. When connecting an audio connecting cord, be sure to match the color-coded cord to the appropriate jacks on the components: Red (right) to Red and White (left) to White. Be sure to make connections firmly to avoid hum and noise. Connect the tape deck to the amplifier as shown below. Tape deck Amplifier C . REC OUT IN LINE OUTIN L R TAPE L R L R .: Signal flow • Connecting the tape deck to a CD player equipped with CONTROL A1 connectors (TC-WE525/WE425 only) For information on connections through the CONTROL A1 connectors, refer to the pamphlet included with this manual. Connecting the AC power cord Connect the AC power cord to an AC outlet. Where do I go next? Now you’re ready to use your tape deck. For basic operations, go to pages 5 to 7; for advanced operations, go to the sections starting from page 8. Basic Operations Basic Operations Playing a Tape 32 4 ¤ p»a 0) OFF 0) p»a RESET MEMORY RESET MEMORYA BCOUNTER HIGH/NORMAL DOLBY NR B C DUBBING A B START(DECK BP) PITCH CONTROL +– .ON .OFF AaRELAY DIRECTION MODE AUTO REC LEVEL FADER ARL . SYNCHRO PHONES ¤ 0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 PRrPAUSE REC MUTING REC • See page 4 for hookup information. • You can use either deck for playback. z To locate the beginning of a tape and start playback automatically (Auto Play) Press 0while holding down a. For the reverse side, press )while holding down ». z To play a tape recorded with the Dolby NR* system Set DOLBY NR to the same position that the tape was recorded in—B or C. z What is the Dolby NR system? The Dolby NR (noise reduction) system eliminates tape hiss noise by boosting low-level signals in the high- frequency range during recording, then lowering them during playback. Type C provides greater noise reduction than type B. z You can connect the headphones to PHONES (TC-WE525/WE425 only) * Dolby noise reduction manufactured under license from Dolby Laboratories Licensing Corporation. “DOLBY“ and the double-D symbol aare trademarks of Dolby Laboratories Licensing Corporation. 1 1 Turn on the amplifier and select the tape deck position. 2 2 Press 1/u(or U), and then press § and insert a cassette. With the side you want to play facing you 3 Set DIRECTION MODE. To play back Set to One side only A Both sides continuously* a Both decks in succession* RELAY * The deck automatically stops after playing back five times. 4 4 Press a. The deck starts playing. Adjust the volume on the amplifier. Do not turn off the deck during operation. To Press Stop playing p Start playback from the reverse side . Pause (deck B only) PAUSE P. Press the button again to resume play. Fast-forward or rewind )or 0 Take out the cassette ¤after stopping playing z To adjust the pitch (Pitch Control function) (TC-WE525 only) Push in the PITCH CONTROL button to activate Pitch Control function and turn the control clockwise to raise the pitch or counter-clockwise to lower it. You can adjust the pitch during playback on deck A or normal- speed dubbing. 5 Basic .ON .OFF PITCH CONTROL +– Basic Operations Basic Operations Recording on a Tape 32 54 RESET MEMORY A COUNTER B RESET MEMORY . PITCH CONTROL .ON ....

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