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Инструкция по эксплуатации Intellivision Productions, модель X2

Производитель: Intellivision Productions
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If the offense fails to advance 10 yards within 4 Downs, the ball is turned over to the other team. 6. Run Play: When you are on offense, you control the Ball Carrier and the other player controls the defensive players. The Ball Carrier and two Blockers always move in formation. Use the directional disc to move the Ball Carrier and the defensive players. Football 13 7.Pass Play: The directional disc controls the Receiver on a pass play. Maneuver your Receiver down field and into horizontal alignment with the QB. When you are ready to pass, press the A button. Once the Receiver catches the ball, you can control the Receiver just like in a Run play. The QB and Blockers will disappear once the pass is thrown. An incomplete pass results in a loss of down for the offense. There will be no change in field position. If you are on defense during a pass play, you can move toward the QB and try for a sack, or cover the Receiver to try and intercept the pass. Interceptions cannot be returned for yardage gains, they simply result in a turnover at the spot of interception. 8. Punt:You can only attempt a punt on the 4th Down, by selecting PUNT in the Play Selector Manual. Once you are in punt formation, press the A button to snap and punt the ball. Then a turnover occurs. 9. Field Goal: Upon selecting Field Goal, a field goal will automatically be attempted. The closer your team is to the opponent's goal line, the better your chance of scoring a field goal. Earn 3 points for successful field goals, or the ball will be turned over to the opponent. 10. Score: a) Touchdown: Earn 7 points for scoring a touchdown by running or passing the football past the opponent's goal line (0 yard line) and into the end zone. b) Field Goal: Earn 3 points for a field goal by kicking the football past the opponent's goal line and into the end zone. c) Safety: Earn 2 points for a Safety when the opposing team loses yardage in their own end zone. NOTE: If the line of scrimmage is within 5 yards of the opposing player's end zone, his Pass option will be disabled and you will be forced to either run the ball in for a touchdown or kick a field goal. 14 Frog Bog 1. On the opening game screen, use the Select button to choose a 1-player or 2-player game. Press Start to select. Then use the Select button to choose a skill level - Easy, Harder or Hardest. Press the Start button to select and begin playing. 2. Player 1 is the purple frog and player 2, or the computer in a 1-player game, is the white frog. Player 1's score is in the upper left-hand corner of the screen and player 2's score is in the right-hand corner. 3. Catch as many insects as you can by leaping from lily pad to lily pad. The amount of skill that is required in order to catch insects is dependent upon the game level you chose to play. Easy Level: Jump and catch as many insects as you can. Use the directional pad to make your frog leap left and right from one lily pad to the other. Harder Level: Jump higher and further to catch as many bugs as you can. Use the directional disc and A button to make your frog leap, but notice that the longer you hold the A button, the further and higher your frog with jump. Hardest Level: Jump higher and further, and flick the frog's tongue to catch as many insects as you can. Control how far and how high you jump with the directional disc and A button, and press the B button to flick the tongue. Timing is very important on this level. 4. The insects you eat are worth different amounts of points (see chart to the right). 5. If your frog falls in the water you will have to wait for it to swim back to the lily pad, while the other player will continue to catch bugs. 6. During the game the sky will change from light to dark as morning turns into night. When the sky turns black and the stars come out, your frog will go to sleep and the game is over. The player with the most points wins. 15 Hockey 1. On the opening game screen, use the Select button to choose a 1-player or 2-player game. Press the Start button to make your choice. Then use the Select button to choose a skill level, Pro or All Star (All Star is more difficult). If you choose Pro, you will have 18 real seconds to score; if you choose All Star, you will have 12 real seconds to score. Press the Start button to begin the game. 2. The players skate onto the ice. Player 1 controls the red Home Team and they are on offense. Player 2 controls the blue Visiting Team and they are on defense. Notice that the player that has possession of the puck and the player blocking the puck holder are a darker shade of red and blue. As the puck is passed to different teammates, the color of the players changes, with the darker shades indicating who is in control of the puck. 3. How to Play Offense: One defensive player and a goalie are always trying to block your offense. Pass the puck quickly between your 5 offensive players and try to create scoring opportunities. Press the A or B button to pass or shoot the puck...

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