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Инструкция по эксплуатации SteelSeries, модель ZGP 1000

Производитель: SteelSeries
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New ergonomic design with thumb side keys for ultra comfort and control .. High density of gaming keys - more easy-to-reach keys then ever before .. Industry leading 5 simultaneous keystrokes .. Left and Right hand compatible .. Full set of multimedia keys .. High quality touch & feel with durable long lasting design and a 10 million keystroke guarantee .. Carrying handle, USB cable organizer and detachable wrist rest .. The Software suite is fully supported by Ideazon, with pre-defined updated lists of 'Ready-To-Play' Mod files for today's most popular PC game titles Manufactured using quality materials and the latest techniques in plastic injection-mold technology, the Game Pad is a robust product, designed with usability and longevity in mind. Package contains: USB Game Pad, Documentation and Installation CD. If you purchased a Game Pad and did not receive the installation CD, please download the latest software at To get the most updated User Guide and other documentation visit FEATURES MULTIMEDIA KEYS The Game Pad provides a full set of multimedia control keys, including volume control (+, -, and mute), play/pause, stop, back track, and next track. The keys 'play/pause, stop, back track and next track' are designed to work with Microsoft® Windows® Media Player version 6.4 or higher. The volume control and mute buttons work on the main Windows controls. LED LIGHT INDICATORS The Game Pad has two LEDs to support some of its unique functions. 'Enabled' LED and 'Action' LED. 'ENABLED' LED The 'Enabled' LED light indicates that the currently chosen keyboard layout (Mod file), used by the Z Engine Software, matches the game active on screen. This indicates that the mapping shown will match the game's default keyboard game setting. The 'Enabled' LED light will be illuminated when playing a game using a pre-defined Game Pad Mod for that game. This indicates that the mapping of the keys in the gaming section has been changed from the default to correspond with the current chosen game. NOTE: When the 'Enabled' LED is OFF, it does NOT indicate a technical problem. 'ACTION' LED The 'Action' LED indicator is reserved for future functionality that will become available via software updates. KEYBOARD HEIGHT ADJUSTMENT The Game Pad comes equipped with extendible legs. The legs can be raised or lowered depending on preference. OTHER CONVENIENT FEATURES Detachable wrist rest, USB Cable Organizer, Carrying Handle, Illuminated Logo SYSTEM REQUIREMENTS In order to take full advantage of the ZGP 1000 Game Pad, your operating system requires the following specifications and components: SYSTEM REQUIREMENTS .. IBM® PC or compatible system with 1 GHz processor .. Windows® Vista/Vista x64 Edition, Windows® XP Home or Professional/Professional x64 Edition, Windows® 2000 (SP3 or higher) .. Available USB port .. 200 MB Free Hard Drive Space .. 256 MB RAM INSTALLING THE Z ENGINE SOFTWARE INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS Installing the latest software version downloadable from is highly recommended. NOTE: Your installation screens may vary depending on which version of Microsoft® Windows® you are using. NOTE: You must be logged on as an Administrator or Power User to install. In order for the game pad keys and other special features to work properly; the Z Engine software must be installed. 1. Connect the Game Pad to an available USB port on your computer and wait for Windows to auto-recognize the device and automatically install the basic drivers for it. After 10-20 seconds a balloon will pop up, stating 'Your hardware is ready for use'. 2. Double-click the latest installation software you downloaded or place the Game Pad CD in the CD-ROM drive. NOTE: The "Auto-run" feature should start the installation process automatically. If installation does not begin automatically, open "My Computer", click on the CD ROM drive (Usually marked "D"), and double-click "SETUP.EXE". 3. In the "License Agreement and Limited Warranty" window, click 'Yes' if you accept the terms. If you do not accept the terms, the Z Engine Software installation will be aborted and you will not be able to take full advantage of all the features your Game Pad has to offer. 4. In the "Choose installation directory" window, note the default directory of the Z Engine Software. It will be installed to "C:\Program Files\Ideazon\ZEngine". If you need to locate the installation files, they will be found in this directory. To install the Z Engine Software in the default directory click Next. To install the Z Engine Software in a directory of your own choosing, click Browse and choose a directory. 5. Click Install to begin the installation. 6. Installation of the Z Engine Software will now begin. The status bar indicates the percentage of completion. Note: The Z Engine requires that Microsoft .NET Framework 2.0 be installed on the computer. The process includes the .NET Framework 2.0 installation for those who don't ...

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