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Инструкция по эксплуатации Rowenta, модель PROVITAL CV8060

Производитель: Rowenta
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Incorrect connection may cause irreversible damage which will not be covered by the guarantee. • Don’t use your appliance and contact a service Centre if: -your appliance is dropped - if it doesn’t work normally • Never use the dryer with wet hands or near water in a bath, washbasin or any other recipient. • If the hair dryer is used in a bathroom, disconnect after use since water can present a danger even when the hair dryer is not being used. • The dryer must be disconnected: -before cleaning and maintenance. -in the event of a malfunction -as soon as you have finished using it - if you have to leave it unattended, even for a few moments. • To ensure additional protection, we recommend that you have a differential residual circuit breaker installed, with an operating differential of no more than 30 mA. Contact your installer for advice. • If the power cable is damaged, it must be replaced by the manufacturer, its after-sales service or a person with similar qualifications to avoid any danger. • Your appliance can only be repaired using special tools. • The dryer is equipped with a heat-sensitive safety device. In the event of overheating (for example if the rear grill is blocked), the dryer will stop automatically: contact the After-Sales Service. GUARANTEE This appliance has been designed for a domestic use only. It can not be used in any professional apllication. The guarantee becomes null a...

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