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Инструкция по эксплуатации Jackson, модель aj-86ce

Производитель: Jackson
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The contents may be damaged in transit due to rough handling even though the carton may not show external damage. If it is found that the shipment has concealed damage, PLEASE DO NOT RETURN IT TO JACKSON, but notify the carrier (within 48 hours) asking them to send their agent to fill out an inspection report. Save the cartons so he may inspect them and be sure to note in the report any black marks, creases, tears, crushed corners or any other marks indicating rough handling. Also, notify your JACKSON dealer immediately. If it is discovered that there are missing parts, please notify your JACKSON dealer immediately. EQUIPMENT MOUNTING: Your booster should come pre-assembled and will require that it be permanently mounted in place. The platform has pre- punched holes to allow for mounting to the installation floor. NOTE: The D226 Booster must be properly mounted and level before being used. Once the platform is secure to the floor, attach the water and steam lines in accordance with local and national codes. PLUMBING: NOTE: ALL CONNECTIONS MUST COMPLY WITH ALL APPLICABLE LOCAL, STATE AND NATIONAL PLUMBING CODES. The plumber is responsible for ensuring that the water line is THOROUGHLY FLUSHED BEFORE connecting it to any manual or solenoid valve. It is necessary to remove all foreign matter such as chips (resulting from cutting or threading pipes), pipe joint compound or, if soldered fittings are used, bits of solder or cuttings from the lines. This debris, if not removed, may lodge in the valves and render them inoperative. The D226 Booster is designed to take incoming water from a minimum temperature of 110°F to approximately 180°F for use in the final rinse of your Jackson dishmachine. In order to do this, water is supplied to the booster and is heated by tubes carrying 15-25 PSIG flow steam. Heat is transferred from the steam into the water, raising the temperature. Install condensate drains in accordance with applicable codes. The D226 Booster is designed to operate at a water flow rate of 20 ±5 PSI. The assembly comes with a water pressure regulator, which is preset at the factory. However, adjustment may be required so ensure that you verify the the flow pressure before beginning operations. See the instructions regarding adjustment and maintenance of the water pressure regulator for more information. WARNING: The D226 Booster is designed to heat water to a minimum of 180°F and is extremely hot during operations. Advise personnel of the dangers associated with touching booster components as burns or severe injury can occur. This equipment is not recommend for use with deionized water or other aggressive fluids. Use of deionized water or other aggressive fluids will result in corrosion and failure of materials and components. Use of deionized water or other aggressive fluids will void the manufacturer's warranty. AJ-64 Conveyor Series Technical Manual 7610-003-30-93 Issued: 05-02-2006 Revised: N/A 36 ELECTRICAL: WARNING: Electrical and grounding connections must comply with applicable portions of the National Electrical Code ANSI / NFPA 70 (latest edition) and/or other electrical codes.Disconnect electrical power supply and place a tag or lock at the disconnect switch to indicate that you are working on the circuit. To connect the incoming power, run the conduit for power wires through the open hole in the back of the control box. Connect the power wires to the terminal block as it is labeled (L1 and L2). Run the ground wire to the grounding lug marked “GND”. Tight connections and conduit nuts and close the control box by putting the cover on and securing with the 10-32 screws. OPERATION: WARNING: The heat exchanger used in the D226 Booster system is a pressure vessel with very precise operating parameters. Safety equipment such as relief valves should never be tampered with or disabled. These devices are meant to protect the equipment and the operator from harm, damage and death. 1. Ensure that water, steam and any condensate drains are connected to the booster. 2. Start the water flow first, open the condensate drains and then begin steam flow. 3. On the control box, press the power switch and put it in the ON position. The power light should illuminate. The unit should run normally now. WARNING: Do not shock the system by applying the steam before the water. This can cause damage to the booster. The following explanation describes the operation of the D226 Booster. NOTE: This explanation assumes that water and steam have been connected to the machine. 1. When the power switch (S1) is placed in the ON position, power is provided to both the power light (E1) and the thermostat (TS1). 2. The thermostat (TS1) will close when the water falls below the minimum setpoint, energizing the steam solenoid light (E2) and the steam solenoid (FS1). 3. The steam solenoid (FS1) will remain open, allowing steam into the booster, until the water temperature reaches the desired temperature. At that point, the thermostat...

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