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Инструкция по эксплуатации Rowenta, модель PROVITAL CV8040

Производитель: Rowenta
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A gentle temperature is advisable: • Ultra-gentle drying •• Drying for normal hair A strong blast of air is recommended (speed 2). - For styling: On hair that is already dry, it is possible to use a higher heat setting (temperature •••) for easier styling and hold. Pressing the Cold air button every so often helps to fix your style. An average blast of air is recommended so as not to ruin your hairstyle (speed 1). 3)“IONIC” SETTING (figure n° 4): • Push the "IONIC" slide found on the top of the hair dryer forward: the light comes on, indicating that the ionic function is activated. The static electricity of your hair is reduced. • To deactivate the ionic setting, carry out the same procedure in reverse 4 - ACCESSORIES: CAUTION: BAYONET FITTING: ROTATE THE ACCESSORIES TO ATTACH OR REMOVE FROM THE HAIRDRYER. GB GB Concentrator: (A) To blow dry or to dry a specific area of hair, use the concentrator nozzle, which will direct the hot air flow onto the required spot. “Moving Massager” diffuser (drawing n° 5) • To add volume to your hair, without damaging it, use the mobile finger diffuser. The round-tipped fingers gently grasp your hair at the roots and lift it. The massaging action provides bouncy, long-lasting volume from the very root of your hair (7/8). • Use your diffuser after shampooing and thoroughly towel-drying your hair. • On shoulder-length or long hair, it is preferable to pre-dry lengths and tips. • Short and shoulder-length hair provides the best results. “Classic Volume” diffuser (drawing n°6) • Curled effect (naturally curly or permed hair), (drawing n°9) Hold your head down and pass the diffuser through the lengths and tips. • Natural volume effect (short or shoulder-length hair) (drawing n°10) Apply the diffuser to the root and make circular movements. 5 - CLEANING: accessories in water. • Carefully dry all parts you have just cleaned. • Your hair dryer requires very little attention. You can clean it, together with its accesso- ries, using a slightly damp cloth to remove hair or impurities trapped in the rear grid. • Never clean your appliance with alcohol. • Never immerse your appliance or its CAUTION: always unplug your appliance before cleaning. 6 - PROTECTION OF THE ENVIRONMENT At the end of the life of your product, it should go to a specially-adapted waste recycling centre. GB 7 - TROUBLESHOOTING -Your appliance does not work in the VITAL position: check that the air speed control is not at 0. -Your hairdryer stops automatically: check that the rear grille is not blocked with hair; if this is the case, take off the removable rear grille and remove the hair. WIRING INSTRUCTIONS - FOR U.K. ONLY.SAFETY NOTES - FOR REWIREABLE OR MOULDED PLUG The mains lead of this appliance may be already fitted with a BS 1363 13 A plug. Should the fuse need to be replaced, a 13 A ASTA approved BS 1362 fuse must be used. If your socket outlet is not suitable for the plug, then the plug must be removed (cut off if it is a moulded on plug) and an a...

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