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Инструкция по эксплуатации Mazda, модель C236-79-CFZ

Производитель: Mazda
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Название файла: 0e6a6b19-e8a9-4d7b-a8af-c7796a8426b6.pdf
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Playlists can be structured with iTunes® software. In Playlist mode, 1:_1 0’00” plays your entire music library by artist and in order of that artist's albums. Playlist 2:_1 0’00” plays your first Playlist as set up in iTunes and 3:_1 0’00” plays your second Playlist. Once you get to Playlist 5 which will be displayed as 6:_1 0’00” the next Playlist will appear as 1:_1 0’00” and will continue from there. To switch forward through Playlists press Fast Forward and Rewind To fast forward during playback, press and hold To rewind during playback, press and hold Release the button to end the function. Repeat Play To repeat a track currently playing, press the RPT button. To cancel repeat play, while in repeat play, press the RPT button. Random Playback DISC v Any Music Menu list of songs can be played in random order. To switch back through Playlists press DISC v Press the RDM button to play all songs in a Music Menu list in random order. To cancel random playback mode, press the RDM button or any of the following: RPT SEEK/TRACK/APC v v DISC v v SCAN C236-79-CFZ C9F1-V6-572 In iTunes there are original playlists. You can arrange the playlist as you like. Song (Track) Selection To play the next track, press v Song (Track) Search Press the SCAN button to play the first ten seconds of each track on the current playlist. Scanning will continue and loop to the track where it was started. When the scanning reaches the last track on the playlist, normal playback resumes. To play the track being sampled, press the SEEK/TRACK/APC button. SCAN button again. This will play the To return to the beginning of the track chosen song and will cancel SCAN mode. currently playing, press SEEK/TRACK/APC v button. To listen to the previous track, press SEEK/TRACK/APC v twice. 9999-94-PODM-UG Printed 03/07 Quick Reference Guide Use this quick reference guide for basic operating instructions of the iPod Integration Module. For important details, safety precautions and troubleshooting advice, see the User's Instructions that were delivered with the unit. To enjoy the many benefits of your new iPod Integration Module, Mazda highly suggests you set up Playlists in your iTunes® software. We also suggest you print out your complete Music Library and Playlists to help you navigate your new unit and to become more comfortable switching between Music Menus (more details are provided in this User Guide). Getting Started 1) The iPod Integration Module is located inside your glove compartment. Make sure the audio power is OFF and the earphones are disconnected before connecting your iPod. 2) Remove the cover from the iPod dock connector cable and connect the iPod. Be sure that the tab ends lock into the iPod. The Mazda emblem and 'OK to disconnect' should now be displayed on your iPod screen. 3) The iPod automatically recharges while the ignition is On or in the ACC position. 4) When the iPod is connected to the adapter, you will only be able to control the iPod from the Mazda audio s...

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