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Инструкция по эксплуатации Mazda, модель C9F1-V6-572

Производитель: Mazda
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Getting Started 1) The iPod Integration Module is located inside your glove compartment. Make sure the audio power is OFF and the earphones are disconnected before connecting your iPod. 2) Remove the cover from the iPod dock connector cable and connect the iPod. Be sure that the tab ends lock into the iPod. The Mazda emblem and 'OK to disconnect' should now be displayed on your iPod screen. 3) The iPod automatically recharges while the ignition is On or in the ACC position. 4) When the iPod is connected to the adapter, you will only be able to control the iPod from the Mazda audio system (the dashboard audio controls and steering wheel switches). 5) Press the CD button to switch to the iPod audio mode which is displayed on the Mazda audio system screen as 'EX' and stands for External Device. If you press CD again you will be returned to CD mode. 6) The song titles will not be shown. They are displayed as Song (Track) Numbers. The artist and album name are also not displayed. Your music will always be played in numerical and then alphabetical order i.e. if played by artist, play will begin at artist '123' followed by artist 'A' and continue in alphabetical order. 7) To disconnect the iPod, depress both buttons on the sides of the dock connector. Basic Operation The following will be displayed on the Mazda audio system screen: EX: 1:_1 0’00” Shows iPod Displays Displays Displays is connected Music Menu Track No. of playback Playlist No. selected time of current Artist No. Music Menu selected song Album No. Song (Track) No. Genre No. Composer No. Music Menu The iPod adapter allows you to choose from one of the following six music categories: Music Menu Number Category 1'00” Playlists 2'00” Artists 3'00” Albums 4'00” Songs 5'00” Genres 6'00” Composers To change music menu category press DISC twice within one second. Playback will begin from the first track in that category. Press DISC v button twice within one second to switch menu categories in reverse. When switching lists, the music menu number is displayed for approximately two seconds in the minute position of the song playback time 1:_1 1’00”, subsequently returning to the display of the song playback time. Do not pay attention to EX 1:_1 or other numbers in these areas as you change between music menus, just watch the minute portion of the playback time to see which music menu you are in. v ...

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