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Инструкция по эксплуатации Alcatel-Lucent, модель Wireless Broadband

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Our comprehensive, end-to-end approach Unrivalled end-to-end QoS/QoE Rev-e terminaldevices Network management Applications,content WiMAX Rev-e access Backhaul and transport Subscriber management and payment Services Only Alcatel-Lucent brings the complete package, allowing operators to exploit the full potential WiMAX Rev-e Alcatel-Lucent End-to-End IP Wireless-Broadband Solution Alcatel-Lucent End-to-End IP Wireless-6 Broadband Solution Best-in-class WiMAX Rev-e Alcatel-Lucent is the market leader in WiMAX Rev-e access solutions counting the number of commercial network deployments and trials completed or underway worldwide. Our hardened, industrialized base station portfolio is in mass production, supporting all frequencies — and strictly in compliance with Rev-e standards. Advanced antenna technology – Alcatel-Lucent radio solutions incorporate beam forming and MIMO to help optimize coverage and capacity. By reducing interference and increasing spectral efficiency, beam forming offers stable performance in all environments, and coverage improvements can reduce the number of sites required to establish coverage by up to 40 percent — leading to significant reductions in both CAPEX and OPEX. Combined with MIMO, capacity increases of more than 40 percent become possible — a huge help as networks dimension upwards. Diversified base station portfolio – With compact and light weight distributed remote-radio options (and soon macro form factors), the Alcatel-Lucent portfolio allows for optimized coverage and capacity in any environment, especially as the subscriber population increases in density. Alcatel-Lucent End-to-End IP Wireless-Broadband Solution 7 WiMAX Devices – Alcatel-Lucent is a leading player in the emergence of an open WiMAX ecosystem. We are driving the early availability of key features by investing in an aggressive interoperability testing (IOT) program, run in WiMAX IOT centers worldwide, as well as by working with over 16 partners — including all major chipset vendors and a growing list of CPE suppliers. We are also reinforcing commercial CPE offerings through multiple go-to-market partnerships and promotional agreements with device partners. The goal is to stimulate competition, making the widest possible array of affordable device choices available to operators. To this end, Alcatel-Lucent is actively involved in the WiMAX Forum standardization and certification process and was a founding member of the Open Patent Alliance, formed to bring transparency to WiMAX-related intellectual property rights. Packet-optimized backhaul and transport As broadband wireless technologies like WiMAX bring unprecedented capacity burdens, backhaul and transport networks are becoming more critical than ever. The industry is late in realizing this area represents one of the highest costs in deploying a WiMAX network. With a wide range of packet-optimized technology options, Alcatel-Lucent offers valuable ways to optimize both the cost of initial deployment and scaling up capacity over time. Chief among these packet-optimized technologies is microwave backhauling, where Alcatel-Lucent has options for WiMAX — the 9500 Microwave Packet Radio, for example, is full IP with high capacity (2Gb/s), and scalability. The entire microwave portfolio integrates directly into the WiMAX base station cabinet for total cost of ownership (TCO) reductions of up to 18 percent. Alcatel-Lucent’s leadership in fixed broadband also brings cutting-edge technology IP/MPLS aggregation and leverages any existing packet optical infrastructure for transport. Alcatel-Lucent 9500 Microwave Packet Radio (MPR) Alcatel-Lucent End-to-End IP Wireless-8 Broadband Solution Global IP network integrator expertise Alcatel-Lucent services capabilities help provide the expertise and global support needed to cope with the many challenges of implementing WiMAX network and business plans. Initially, this means shorter time-to-market and later, it means, growth with optimized cost efficiencies and dimensioning, as well as new service introduction. Unparalleled global presence and experience – Alcatel-Lucent has a network of 20,000 professionals deployed worldwide, including certified project managers, as well as 400 radio and over 300 WiMAX engineers to provide unmatched planning and pre-launch optimization. Alcatel-Lucent operates three IP Transformation Centers on three continents, which facilitate end-to-end solution validation and pre-integration. Backing this is unmatched experience with IP networks, derived from leading roles in several of the world’s largest networktransformation projects. A broad portfolio of services – These offerings can assist you through every stage of service planning, deployment and maintenance. They include: • End-to-end integration, leveraging existing infrastructure wherever possible to optimize economies. • WiMAX business and network consulting to help you evaluate different approaches to new opportunities • Site location/ac...

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