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Инструкция по эксплуатации Ski-Doo, модель RXT Series

Производитель: Ski-Doo
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130 and 155 Engines If the XP-S engine oil is not available, use a 5W 40 engine oil meeting the requirements for API service classification SM, SL or SJ. Always check the API service label certification on the oil container, it must contain at least one of the above standards. 215 and 255 Engines If XP-S engine oil is not available, use a 5W 40 engine oil compatible with wet clutches. NOTE: The XP-S engine oil has been thoroughly tested to be free of any additives that could impair the functionality of the supercharger clutch. NOTICE Do not use an engine oil meeting the requirement for API service classification SM or SL. Using a lubricant not compatible with wet clutches will impair the proper operation of the supercharger clutch. Do not add any additives to the recommended oil. Engine Oil Level NOTICE Check level frequently and refill if necessary. Do not overfill. Operating the engine with an improper level may severely damage engine. WARNING Certain components in the engine compartment may be very hot. Direct contact may result in skin burn. Oil level can be checked either with watercraft in water or out of water. If Watercraft is Out of the Water 1. Watercraft must be level. Raise trailer tongue and block in position when bumper rail is level. 2. Install a garden hose to the flushing connector. Refer to FLUSHING in POST-OPERATION CARE and follow the procedure. NOTICE Never run engine without supplying water to the exhaust system. Failure to cool exhaust system may severely damage it. NOTICE Never run engine longer than 5 minutes. Drive line seal has no cooling when watercraft is out of water. 3. With the engine already at normal operating condition, let engine idle for 30 seconds then stop engine. 4. Wait at least 30 seconds then pull dipstick out and wipe clean. smo2007-002-005_a MODELSWITHENGINECOVER 1.Oildipstick smo2007-002-007_a MODELSWITHOUTANENGINECOVER 1.Oildipstick _______________87 MAINTENANCE PROCEDURES 5. Reinstall dipstick, push in completely. 6. Remove dipstick again and read oil level. It should be between marks. lmr2007-053-100_a 1. Full 2. Add 3. Operating range 7. Add oil up to have the level between marks as required. To add oil: – Unscrew oil cap – Place a funnel into the opening – Add the recommended oil to the proper level. NOTE: Do not overfill. smo2007-002-005_b MODELSWITHENGINECOVER 1.Oilfillingcap smo2007-002-007_b MODELSWITHOUTANENGINECOVER 1.Oilfillingcap NOTE: Every time oil is added in engine, the complete procedure explained previously must be done (engine restarted, idling for 30 seconds, 30 seconds waiting time and then, rechecking the oil level). Otherwise, you will have a false oil level reading. 8. Properly reinstall oil cap and dipstick. Engine Oil Change and Oil Filter Replacement The oil change and filter replacement should be performed by an authorized Sea-Doo dealer. Engine Coolant Recommended Engine Coolant Always use ethylene-glycol antifreeze containing corrosion inhibitors specifically for internal combustion aluminum engines. NOTE: When available, it is recommended to use biodegradable antifreeze compatible with internal combustion aluminum engines. This will contribute to protect the environment. Cooling system must be filled with water and antifreeze solution (50% demineralized water, 50% antifreeze). BRP sells premixed coolant with freezing protection up to -37°C (-35°F) (P/N 293 600 038). To prevent antifreeze deterioration, always use the same brand. Never mix different brands unless cooling system is completely flushed and refilled. Refer to an authorized Sea-Doo dealer. Engine Coolant Level WARNING Check coolant level with engine cold. Never add coolant in cooling system when engine is hot. 88 ______________ WARNING Certain components in the engine compartment may be very hot. Direct contact may result in skin burn. Remove seat(s) to expose cooling system expansion tank. smo2007-002-005_c TYPICAL 1. Expansion tank 2. Cap With vehicle on a level surface, liquid should be between MIN. and MAX. level marks of coolant reservoir when engine is cold. - 1. Level between marks when engine is cold NOTE: The watercraft is level when it is in water. When on a trailer, raise trailer tongue and block in this position when bumper rail is level. Add coolant/demineralized water to have the level between marks as required. Use a funnel to avoid spillage. Do not overfill. MAINTENANCE PROCEDURES NOTE: Use a blend of 50% antifreeze with 50% demineralized water. Premixed antifreeze/water is available (P/N 293 600 038) at your authorized Sea-Doo dealer. NOTE: Using a blend of 40% antifreeze with 60% demineralized water will improve the cooling efficiency when watercraft is used in particularly hot weather and/or hot water condition. Properly reinstall and tighten filler cap then reinstall seat extension. NOTE: A cooling system that frequently requires coolant is the indication of leaks or engine problems. See an authorized Sea-Doo dealer. Engine Coolant Replacement The c...

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