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Инструкция по эксплуатации Power Drive, модель RPPD1000

Производитель: Power Drive
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(2 gauge is recommended up to 6 feet. Over 6 feet 0 gauge.) 3. Do not use extension cords or multi-taps on the inverter. One device per outlet. 4. Supply plenty of fresh air. A hot inverter will not be able to supply full power and will shut down if it becomes too hot. It is best to mount it in a location that is cool, like the passenger cab, away from an outside wall, and not in a cargo box. 5. Mount/store in a dust free environment. A build up of dirt will keep the inverter from being able to cool properly. 6. The power consumption formula for watts and amps is: (volts X amps = watts) or (watts f volts = amps) © If you want to add fuses to your inverter: 1000 watts f 12 volts = 84 amps. We recommend a "T"fuse. © If you can use your refrigerator with the inverter, look on the refridgerator for the amperage rating on the compressor motor, for example 7.5 amps: (120 volts X 7.5 amps = 900 watts) NOTE: Appliances with compressors may need three to four times the running power for start-up. © Microwaves are sold advertising their cooking power, not the amount of power they consume. A 900 watt microwave may use more, or less than 900 watts. Consult your owner's manual, or the back of the microwave oven for power consumption. (watts or amps) 7. Keep in mind that for the inverter to run at full power for an extended period of time, the inverter must be supplied with full power. With a 1000 watt inverter that means 84 amps, most alternators are not that powerful. Think of the battery as a bath tub, water (power) is going down the drain to the inverter, at the same time water (power) is filling the tub (battery) from the spigot, (alternator) if the power flow going out is greater than the power flow coming in, eventually the tub (battery) will be empty, and the inverter will cease to work properly. ©2009 PowerDrive a RoadPro Family of Brands Contact PowerDrive by calling tool free 866-622-7979 8:30am — 5:00pm EST or e-mail techsupport@roadprobrands.com RPPD1000AMD0809...

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