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Инструкция по эксплуатации Liquid Image, модель Scuba Series Wide Angle 322

Производитель: Liquid Image
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Liquid Image Co reserves the right to change the specifications of the hardware and software described herein at any time without prior notice. Liquid Image Co declines all responsibility for damages due to improper use of this product, failure to adhere to the instructions given in this manual, or modifications to the UNDERWATER DIGITAL CAMERA MASK. Cautions concerning data storage: Stored data may be lost or corrupted. It is recommended that any important data be copied onto a separate media (such as a hard disk, DVD-R or CD-R disk). Liquid Image Co makes no warranties and shall not be held responsible for damages resulting from corrupted or lost data due to a malfunction of the camera, the software, the memory cards, personal computer, peripheral devices, use of memory cards, or for any losses that result from images that could not be recorded, are erased, destroyed, or damaged in any way due to a problem or a mistake while utilizing the camera or any of its accessories. User Manual - Underwater Digital Camera Mask л>-§- Ü *3 Ai ■ ‘r'f 3 Ш ?H1 e} ШШ- 7КТШВШМ: if'-— яйапп’эЪти - inuflnQnuihnaaofrâeiaa ENGLISH The Underwater Digital Camera Mask is a sophisticated electronic device and should be supervised by an adult at all times. This product should not be used by children under 13 years. This product is not a toy. The inserting of memory cards, USB cable, and batteries must be performed by an adult 18 years or older who has read and understands this manual. An adult must always check all water tight compartments prior to each use. WSS092010VERS11 © 2010 Liquid Image Co, LLC. AI rights reserved Products mentioned above or throughout the manual may be trademarks or registered trademarks of their respective companies. CONTENTS 1.0 Get to know your Camera Mask ■ Scuba Series Wide Angle™ 1.1 Features ENG-2 1.2 Specifications ENG- 2 1.3 System requirements ENG- 2 2.0 Functional Parts 2.1 Included Parts and accessories ENG- 3 2.2 Part Names - Front View ENG- 4 2.3 Part Names - Back View ENG- 5 2.4 Part Names - Exploded View ENG- 6 3.0 Setup 3.1 Inserting or Replacing Batteries ENG- 7 3.2 Inserting Micro SD/SDHC Memory Card ENG- 8 3.3 Setting the Date and Time Mode ENG- 9 3.4 Camera Lock ENG- 9 4.0 Recording Pictures and Video 4.1 Video Mode ENG-10 4.2 Still Image Mode ENG-10 4.3 Power Off ENG-10 5.0 Transferring Still Images and Video to a Computer 5.1 Opening Memory Compartment ENG-11 5.2 Connecting and Transferring Files ENG-11 5.3 Disconnecting and Closing Memory Compartment ENG-12 6.0 Viewing Videos and Still Images on TV 6.1 Setting Correct NTSC/PAL Mode for your TV ENG-13 6.2 Video and Still Image Playback on a TV ENG-14 7.0 Camera Test Instructions 7.1 Part One - Taking Test Images and Videos ENG-14 7.2 Part Two - File Size Test ENG-15 7.3 Part Three - Using the Cross Hairs (View Finders) ENG-16 7.4 Part Four - Testing the CAMERA MASK in water ENG-17 8.0 Using the Arcsoft Software 8.1 Installation ENG-17 8.2 Photo Editing ENG-18 8.3 Video Editing ENG-18 9.0 Care and Maintenance ENG-18 10.0 Camera Warnings and Precautions ENG-20 11.0 Mask Warnings and Precautions ENG-21 12.0 Battery Warnings and Precautions ENG-22 13.0 Commonly Asked Questions and Troubleshooting ENG-23 14.0 Accessories, Firmware, and Software ENG-25 ENG-1 1.0 GET TO KNOW YOUR CAMERA MASK 1.1 Features Still Images Video Clips Micro SD/SDHC Card support Driver free for Windows 2000/ME/XPA/ista/7 and Mac 9.x or X.x 1.2 Specifications - Subject to change without notice Sensor 5.0MP CMOS sensor Image Resolution * 5.0 Megapixels (2592x1944) Lens F/3.2 f=3.02mm Focus range 1.2 m to infinity Internal Memory 32MB NAND Flash Memory for CPU only External Memory Card Micro SD/SDHC Card supports up to 32GB Video Mode ** 30FPS(3)HD 720P (1280X720) with Audio File Format Picture: JPEG, Video: H.264 with Audio Status Display LCD Display PC Interface USB TV Output PAL and NTSC Power 4 AAA 1.5V (LR03, FR03) Alkaline, Energizer® Lithium, or 1.2V NiMH Auto Off System time 180 seconds * Quantity of pixels is only an approximate number ** Approximate frames per second 1.3 System Requirement *** Operating System Windows 2000/ME/XP/Vista/7 and Mac 9.x or X.x CPU Pentium II or above RAM At least 64MB Interface USB port CD 4x speed CD ROM or above *** No Software required to download files ENG-2 2.0 Functional Parts 2.1 Included Parts and Accessories Please check the contents now (before use) to confirm that it is complete. Contact your Liquid Image Co dealer if anything is missing. USER MANUAL UNDERWATER DIGITAL CAMERA MASK - Scuba Series Wide Angie1 RCA/USB CABLE CD ROM WITH THIRD PARTY SOFTWARE - PC VERSION ONLY WARRANTY Accessories may include: CARRYING CASE BATTERIES SILICONE GREASE TUBE MICRO SD/SDHC CARD NOTE: The UNDERWATER DIGITAL CAMERA MASK will be referred to as the "CAMERA MASK" throughout this instruction manual. “Under the environment with radio frequency Inte...

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    Классная маска!!! Снимаю подводную охоту и погружения с аквалангом до 45 метров. В эксплуатации 3 года. Просто отлично.

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