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Инструкция по эксплуатации Canon, модель ZR950

Производитель: Canon
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• Press ZERO SET MEMORY again to cancel the memory. 2 If you marked the zero memory while recording, set the camcorder to mode. If you marked the zero memory during playback, press STOP . 3 Press to locate the zero mark. • If the tape counter shows a negative number, press instead. • appears and the camcorder rewinds/fast forwards the tape. • The tape stops at or near the zero mark, disappears and the correct time code will be displayed again. Video NOTES If there are blank sections between recordings, the zero set memory may not work correctly. Locating the Beginning of a Recording Date You can locate the change of the date/ time zone with the date search function. ( 23) Press or on the wireless controller. • Press more than once to search for further date changes (up to 10 times). • To cancel the search press STOP . NOTES • The date search function will not detect recordings shorter than 1 minute per date/time zone. • Date search may not function if the data code is not displayed correctly. Locating the End of the Last Scene After playing back a tape, use this function to locate the end of the last scene recorded in order to continue recording from that point. ( 23) POINTS TO CHECK Stop the playback before using this function. FUNC. ( 24) FUNC. [ END SEARCH] [EXECUTE] • “END SEARCH” appears. •The camcorder rewinds/fast forwards the tape, plays back the last few seconds of the recording and stops the tape. • To cancel the end search push the joystick ( ) toward . NOTES • End search cannot be used once you remove the cassette. • If there are blank sections between recordings, the end search may not work correctly. • You cannot use the end search to locate the end of a scene that was audio dubbed. On-Screen Displays (Data Code) The camcorder keeps a data code containing the date and time of recording. You can select the data to be displayed. ( 23) Options .. Default value [ OFF]• No data code display. [ DATE], [ TIME] Displays the date or time when the scene or still image was recorded. [ DATE & TIME] Displays both the date and time of the recording. FUNC. ( 24) FUNC. [ MENU] [ DISPLAY SETUP/ ] [DATA CODE] Desired option FUNC. Video Advanced Functions : Special Scene Recording Programs Recording in a very bright ski resort or capturing the full colors of a sunset or a fireworks display becomes as easy as selecting a Special Scene recording program. For details about the available options, refer to the sidebar on page 41. POINTS TO CHECK Mode switch: FUNC. ( 24) FUNC. [ PROGRAM AE] Desired recording program FUNC. ( 23) NOTES • Do not set the mode switch to during the actual recording of a scene; the brightness of the picture may change abruptly. •[ PORTRAIT]/[ SPORTS]/ [ BEACH]/[ SNOW] -The picture may not appear smooth during playback. •[ PORTRAIT] -The blur effect of the background increases the more you zoom in (T). •[ NIGHT] -Moving subjects may leave a trailing afterimage. -Picture quality may not be as good as in other modes. -White points may appear on the screen. -Autofocus may not work as well as in other modes. In such case, adjust the focus manually. •[ SNOW]/[ BEACH] -The subject may become overexposed on cloudy days or in shaded places. Check the image on the screen. •[ FIREWORKS] -To avoid camcorder shake, we recommend using a tripod. Make sure to use a tripod especially in mode, as the shutter speed slows down. [ PROGRAM AE] The camcorder sets the aperture and shutter speed. [ PORTRAIT] The camcorder uses a large aperture, achieving a focus on the subject while blurring other distracting details. [ SPORTS] Use this mode to record sports scenes such as tennis or golf. [ NIGHT] Use this mode to record in low-light conditions. [ SNOW] Use this mode to record in bright ski resorts. It prevents the subject from being underexposed. [ BEACH] Use this mode to record on a sunny beach. It prevents the subject from being underexposed. [ SUNSET] Use this mode to record sunsets in vibrant colors. [ SPOTLIGHT] Use this mode to record spotlit scenes. [ FIREWORKS] Use this mode to record fireworks. Video Flexible Recording: Changing the Shutter Speed Use the automatic exposure (AE) program to use functions like the white balance or image effects, or to select the shutter speed. Use faster shutter speeds to record subjects moving quickly. Use slower shutter speeds to add motion blur, emphasizing the feel of movement. ( 23) POINTS TO CHECK Mode switch: FUNC. ( 24) 1 Press FUNC. . 2 Select the [ PROGRAM AE] recording program ( 40). [ PROGRAM AE] is the default value; proceed directly to step 3 if you have not changed the recording program. 3 Select the shutter speed from the setup menus. FUNC. [ MENU] [ CAMERA SETUP] [SHUTTER] Desired shutter speed FUNC. Shutter speed guidelines Note that on screen only the denominator is displayed – [ 250] indicates a shutter speed of 1/250 second, etc. 1/60 To record under most ordinary conditions. 1/100 To record indoor sports scenes. 1/250, 1/500*, 1/1000* To record from with...

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