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Инструкция по эксплуатации FUNAI, модель ZV450TT8

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If noises appear on the TV screen during playing back discs recorded in long time recording speed such as EP or SLP, select “Type 1” or “Type 2”. (“Type 2” is more effective.) When playing back discs with a few noises such as DVD-video, select “OFF”. EN 67 Guide to a Title List Editing Discs INFORMATION ON DISC EDITING 1 / 2 12:00PM (2:00:00) JAN/ 1/07 CH10 LP 4 5 6 1 2 3 Edit Scene Delete Edit Title Name Chapter Mark Protect JAN/ 31/07 11:00PM CH8 LP 1 : 25 : 47 2 ORG 7891011 4 5 6 3 312 Title list allows you to check the titles recorded on the disc easily. You can choose a title to play back from this list and easily edit the titles as you prefer. Press [TOP MENU]. 1. Title list: List of the titles recorded on the disc, and their information. 2. The protect icon, which appears when the title has been protected. (Original titles only) 3. Arrow: Indicating there is a previous / next page. 4. Title list icon, which indicates a type of the displayed title list. : VR(original). ORG PLVideo : VR (Playlist). : Video mode. 5. Title name. 6. Title information, which displays recorded year/ date/ month/ time, length of the title, recorded external input mode (CH, L1 or L2), and the recording speed. 7. Submenu: Submenus for the selected menu are displayed here. 8. Title name (editable): If you do not name the title, the recorded date, time, channel and the recording speed are displayed here. 9. Progress bar: Indicating the progress of the playback. 10. Preview window: Preview of the selected title is displayed here. 11. Playback status: Indicating the current playback status of the selected title. Press [RETURN ] to exit the title list. Edit the recorded disc You will find editing discs is easy. This unit offers convenient edit functions which are possible only with DVD-RW/-R. You can edit the following from a title list. • Assigning a name to a title • Dividing a title • Combining titles • Adding titles to a playlist • Erasing all playlist • Setting or releasing the title protection • Adding or deleting chapter marks • Deleting titles or parts of titles (Possible editing functions depend on the recording format and editing method.) Original and playlist (VR mode) For VR mode DVD-RW, you can edit the recordings in playlist without changing the original recordings. Playlist does not take up much disc space. After you make a recording to VR mode DVD-RW, a playlist will be created automatically. What “Original” or “Playlist” is for? Throughout this manual, you will find original and playlist which refer to the actual content and the edited version. • Original content refers to what’s actually recorded on the VR mode DVD-RW. • Playlist content refers to the edited version of the VR mode DVD-RW; how the original content is to be played back. Finalizing a disc • This will allow a disc that is recorded on this unit to be played back on other DVD player — without finalization it will not be playable on other DVD player. • After finalizing DVD-RW/-R, you cannot edit any information that is on that disc. Note • Once a disc is finalized, editing the disc or recording to the disc will not be available (except DVD-RW in VR mode). • A playlist is not available with the DVD-R and DVD- RW in video mode. 68 EN DELETING TITLES Notes for deleting titles After the disc is fully recorded: Management Recording PlaybackIntroduction Connections Basic SetupTITLE 1 TITLE 1TITLE 1TITLE 1 TITLE 1 TITLE 2TITLE 1TITLE 2TITLE 1TITLE 2 TITLE 2 TITLE 2TITLE 2TITLE 2 TITLE 3TITLE 3TITLE 3TITLE 3 Delete! Delete! You can record a new title. You cannot record a new title. You cannot record a new title. You can record a new title. Delete! The Full-Recorded disc The Full-Recorded disc Delete! The Full-Recorded disc DVD-RW DVD-R • When a title is deleted from DVD-RW in VR mode, the recordable disc space will be increased. • When the last title is deleted from DVD-RW in video mode, the recordable space will be increased. • When a title is deleted from DVD-R, the recordable space will NOT be increased. The deleted title cannot be crea- ted the space. Once all editings are made, press [RETURN ] in several times to exit the editing mode. “Writing to Disc” appears momentarily. It also appears when pressing [OPEN/CLOSE A] or [POWER] before exiting the editing mode after editing. Editing Function Disc Setup VCR Functions Others Espanol EN 69 DELETING TITLES You can delete titles which you do not need anymore. Please be advised that the titles once deleted cannot be 1 Press [DVD ] first. brought back to the disc. In stop mode, press [TOP MENU]. Be sure to read “Notes for deleting titles” on page 69 Title list, original or playlist will appear. before you delete the title. • For DVD-RW VR mode, press [MENU/LIST] to switch between “Original” and “Playlist” if the disc is recorded in VR mode. 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 0 POWER OPEN/CLOSE DISPLAY VCR DVDCH PLAY STOPREC/OTR SKIP SKIPPAUSE MENU/LISTTOP MENUAUDIO SETUP X1.3/0.8 T-SET SEARCH ENTERDUBBING CM SKIP REC SPEED TIMER P...

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