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Инструкция по эксплуатации Epson, модель XK3190-H2B

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External layout of indicator III. Wireless working mode IV. Wire working style V. Replacing the printing paper and the ink ribbon of the micro printer VI. External printer installation VII. Communication interfaces VIII. Scoreboard Connection IX. Charge III Keypad Functions I. Keys setting and keypad layout II. Keys functions . Data Printing Format I. Micro-printer printing format II. External printer printing format V Error message from wrong operation VI Error message from wrong inner operation VII Trouble Shooting Appendix Attention: Please read the instruction before operating the instrument. I Technical Specification 1. Model XK3190-H2B 2. Accuracy Meets the regulations of OIML, R76, JJG-555 and national standard of the electronic crane scale. Accuracy - Class . Division From 0.01 to 50, 12 options in total. Verifying division will be set automatically each time when powered on. Usually, the division is supposed not to be modified. Units of Measure 4 options: t, kg, g and mg 3. Analogue Conversion Principle 24 bit .-. mode, A/D converter Input Signal Range -2mV~+18mV Max Net Input Signal 20mV Conversion Rate 6.25 times per second A/D Conversion Resolution 500,000 Non-linearity <0.01%F.S F.S. Temperature Coefficient <6PPM/. Calibration Full digital calibration (FDC) Load Cell Excitation DC 5V Load Cell Drive Capacity up to 4 load cells at 350. Connecting Method of Load Cell 4 leads Displaying Cycle 160ms 4. Clock Displaying Y/M/D, H/M/S and leap year/month Accuracy ±5s/24h, free from influence of powering off 5. Keypad Digital Keys 0~9, ·, - Function Keys 24 (12 overlapped with digital keys) Key Material Sealed elastomer 6. Scoreboard Interface Serial output mode Transmission Mode 20mA current loop Data Type 11 bits Baud Rate 600 Transmission Distance .2000m 7. Serial Communication Interface Transmission Mode RS232C/RS422 (Optional) Baud Rate 600, 1200, 2400, 4800, 9600 Transmitted data format 10 bit:1 start bit, 8 data bits (ASC. Code), 1 stop bit Transmission Distance RS232:.30m RS422:.1200m 8. Printer Port Standard parallel output port 9. Data Storage 11 categories of weight records, net/gross weight information, weighing time and weighed result can be stored (each category is composed of 99 sets of data), and category identification marks can also be set. 10. Power Supply Power of Indicator 12V/1.6Ah NiCd battery Power of Scale Body 12V/1.8~2.2Ah NiCd battery or CP7-12 storage battery. 11. Signal Transmission wire/wireless Transmission Distance 200m (wireless) 50m (wire) Wireless Frequencies 223.300MHz, 224.900MHz, 230.050MHz, 233.050MHz, 234.050MHz in 230MHz BAND; 450.0125MHz, 450.0625MHz, 450.1125MHz, 450.1625MHz, 450.2125MHz in 450MHz BAND. 10 frequencies in total (the number can be increased if necessary) 12. Display 11 bits LED, LED indicates driving voltages (Brightness):16 degree adjustable, EL background light adjustable. Display Cycle 160ms LoBAT t lb .10 COMM kg 1.1 shift mg 2.0.1 sum 5.0.01 (Figure1)LED sketch map 13. Other Functions 1). Various digital filtering modes are adopted. Displaying stabilizing time: .10s during swaying angle.±2° 2). Non-linearity parabolic modification 3). Auto zero-point and minus tare weight point tracking 4). Tare function: Tare can be weighed or preset. Tare range is set to be between 0-Max. There are different annunciators corresponding to Net Weight, Tare and Gross Weight states. 5). Minus weight function 6). Power-saving function. Entering power-saving mode 30 seconds after weight is stabilized. 1 wireless digital transmission every 5 seconds. Powering off automatically 30 minutes after no any fluctuation in weight. 14. Operating Environment Operating Temperature Indicator: 0.~40. Body: -20.~40. Storing and Transporting Temperature -25.~55. Relative Humidity .85%RH 15. Dimension 330 x 230 x 60 (mm) Weight around 1.5kg II Configuration, Installation and Application The wireless electronic crane scale is mainly composed of scale body and indicator, accessories like charger, cable, are also supplied. 1. Configuration of the scale body This part is makes up of weighing load cell, carrier and transmitting mechanism, case, A/D module, wireless digital transmitter, battery, etc. 2. External layout of indicator Micro-printer LCD Screen Keypad Antenna (Figure 2) Front layout Printer Port RS-232/422/485 Signal Cable Power Switch Charger socket Scoreboard Interface Calibration Switch (Figure 3)Rear Wiring Layout 3. Wireless working mode: Usually, XK3190-H2B Indicator is used in wireless transmitting electronic crane scale. Install the transmitting antenna before operation, and then open the small cover on the scale body to install the battery, after inserting battery plug into the battery socket and turning on the switch, the annunciator begin to twinkle, indicating the electric circuitry of the scale body in working state. The crane scale will go into the power-saving mode and twinkle once every 5 seconds when it has been out of operation or the weight on the scal...

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