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Инструкция по эксплуатации Anchor Hocking Glass, модель ZSC2000

Производитель: Anchor Hocking Glass
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For power level and cooking time suggestions, use your cooking guide or cookbook. Speedcook recipe— to delete To delete stored custom speedcook 4. ADJUST TIME or START appears. recipes: Press and hold the MANUAL 1. Press the SPEEDCOOK button. COOK/RECIPE button for 3 seconds. This deletes the 2. Turn the dial until RECIPE recipe. You may now enter and appears and press the dial save a new recipe or press to enter. CLEAR/OFF to return to the 3. Turn dial to the recipe you clock display. want to delete and press the dial to enter. Speedcooking Advantium Oven Things that are normal Cooking Times ¦ When speedcooking preprogrammed foods, you may see OPTIMIZING COOK TIME in the display several seconds after you press START. The oven automatically senses the electrical voltage level in your home and adjusts the cooking time up or down for proper cooking. Fan/Grille ¦ The fan will be on during cooking. At the end of cooking, the automatic fan will continue to run for a short time, and the display will read Oven is Cooling. The fan will automatically shut off when the internal parts of the oven have cooled. ¦ The oven grille will emit warm air while the oven is on. Lights ¦ When the oven is on, light may be visible around the door or outer case. ¦ The halogen lights will dim and cycle on and off during a speedcook cycle, sometimes even at full power levels. This is normal. The oven senses the heat level and adjusts automatically. Oven Heat ¦ No preheating time is required. The oven begins cooking immediately. ¦ The door and inside of the oven will be very hot. Use caution when opening the door and removing food. ¦ Do not use cookware or coverings made of paper, plastic or foil when cooking during a speedcook cycle. ¦ When cooking for an extended period of time, the oven may automatically reduce the power levels to maintain the appropriate level of oven heat. Sounds ¦ Clicks and a fan blowing are normal sounds during cooking. The relay board is turning components on and off. Microwaving Advantium Oven Using the Make sure the oven rack (turntable) and white ceramic tray are in place. microwave Place food or microwavable container directly on the white ceramic tray to cook your food. features The oven rack (turntable) must always be The white ceramic tray should always be in place when using the oven. in place when microwaving. Cookware Make sure that cookware is suitable Place food or microwavable for microwaving. container directly on the white ceramic tray to cook your food. MICROWAVE PRE-SET FOOD SELECTIONS: Bacon Popcorn Soup Beverage Recipe Time Cook Defrost (Auto & Time) Reheat (one serving) Vegetables (fresh, frozen, canned) How to use pre-set microwave selections 1. Press the MICROWAVE/OVEN LIGHT button. If no selection is made within 15 seconds, the display will revert back to the time of day. 2. Turn the dial to find the food you want to cook. Press the dial to enter. 3. Turn the selector dial to select amount, weight or size. (If required, the oven will prompt you). Press the dial after each selection. 4. Press the dial or the START/ PAUSE button to start cooking. To review settings during cooking, press the selector dial. If the door is opened during cooking, the oven will stop and PAUSE will appear in the display. Close the door and press START/ PAUSE to resume cooking. NOTE: There is no light that automatically comes on during microwaving. To see the food that is cooking, press MICROWAVE/OVEN LIGHT. The light will come on for several seconds. If you enter an undesired selection at any time, simply press the BACK button and re-enter the desired selections. Microwaving Advantium Oven Use Time Cook to microwave food that Time Cook is not in the recipe section. The power level is automatically set at high, but you can change it for more flexibility. 1. Press the MICROWAVE/OVEN LIGHT button. 2. Turn the dial to TIME COOK and press the dial to enter. 3. Turn the dial to set the time and press the dial to enter. 4. To change the power level if you don’t want full power, press the POWER LEVEL button. Turn the dial to select. Press the dial to enter. 5. Press the dial or the START/ PAUSE button to start cooking. You may open the door during TIME COOK to check the food. Close the door and press START to resume cooking. Press MICRO EXPRESS repeatedly Micro for 30 second increments of Express microwave cooking time. Oven starts immediately. Microwave power level 1. First, follow directions for TIME COOK, TIME DEFROST or MICRO EXPRESS. 2. Press the POWER LEVEL button. 3. Turn the dial clockwise to increase and counterclockwise to decrease the power level. Press the dial to enter. 4. Press the dial or the START/ PAUSE button to start cooking. ¦ You can change the power level before or during a cooking program (except when using MICRO EXPRESS). Here are some examples of uses for various power levels: High 10: Fish, bacon, vegetables, boiling liquids. Med-High 7: Gentle cooking of meat and poultry; baking ca...

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