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Инструкция по эксплуатации Honeywell, модель WT6000

Производитель: Honeywell
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All can be used, but the 75/25 mixture is recommended for general welding. For aluminum welding, use 100% Argon. Either type gas may be obtained at your local welding supply outlet. Secure cylinder in place on your welding machine or other support to prevent the cylinder from falling over. REGULATOR This regulator is designed to be used with straight Argon or Argon mix gas. A threaded adapter is needed if CO2 is used. An adapter is available at your local welding gas supplier to change between the two. HOOKUP PROCEDURE Cylinder gas is ! WARNING under high pressure. Point cylinder outlet away from yourself and any bystanders before opening. 1. With the cylinder securely installed, remove the cylinder cap, stand to the side of the cylinder opposite the outlet, and open the valve slightly, turning counterclockwise. When gas is emitted from the cylinder, close the valve by turning clockwise. This will blow out dust or dirt that may have accumulated around the valve seat. 2. Install the gas regulator onto the gas cylinder and tighten the stem nut securely to the gas valve. 3. Install one end of the gas hose to the fitting on the rear of the welder and the other end to the fitting on the regulator using hose clamps on each connection. Make sure the gas hose is not kinked or twisted. 4. Once again, stand opposite the cylinder outlet and slowly open the cylinder valve. Inspect for leaks in the connections. 5. This regulator is factory preset at 30cfh. No adjustment is necessary. Also, a pop-out indicator in the end of the regulator shows the amount of gas left in the cylinder. When not extended, the cylinder is approximately 10 minutes away from empty. 6. Remember to close the gas valve when finished welding. Cap Chapeau Tapa CO2 Adapter Adaptateur CO2 Adaptador para CO2 Pop-out indicator Indicateur sortant Indicador Figure 1 Hookup – Branchement – Conexiones Argon or Argon Mix Installation Installation d’Argon ou Melange d’Argon Installacion para soldar con Argon o mezcla de Argon CO2 Installation Installation CO2 Instalacion del CO2 IN211300AV 8/01 For parts, product & service information © 2001 Campbell Hausfeld visit Installation Instruction Manual Generalites Sur La Securite ! DANGER Les bouteilles peuvent exploser si endommagees. Les bouteilles de gaz contiennent du gaz sous haute pression. • Proteger les bouteilles de gaz comprime contre la chaleur excessive, les chocs mecaniques et les arcs. • Installer et fixer les bouteilles dans une position verticale en utilisant une chaine sur un support stationnaire ou un support de bouteille pour eviter le renversement ou le basculage. • Ne jamais permettre que l’electrode de soudage touche une bouteille. • Tourner le visage a l’ecart de la sortie de la soupape pendant l’ouverture de la soupape de bouteille. • Garder le chapeau protecteur en place sur la soupape sauf si la bouteille est soi en service ou branchee pour service. • Lire et suivre les instructions pour les bouteilles de gaz et ...

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