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Инструкция по эксплуатации Chromalox, модель WTL-121

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VO \'u *40 * BO KÂ O AO 50 BO 70 BO * 1 ‘ * ‘ * jr 3 2.75" (70)' ~D Front View 1.5" (38)' 4.75" (121) Side View Specifications — Table A Model RaTeg7(;F) Contacts Range (°F) Max AC Volts Max AC Amps WTL-121 40-80 SPST 30 V 1 Amp GENERAL Note: Type WTL thermostats are designed for temperature control service only. Because they do not fail safe, they should not be used for temperature limiting duty. WARNING: Users should install adequate back-up controls and safety devices with their electric heating equipment. Where the consequences of failure may be severe, back-up controls are essential. Although the safety of the installation is the responsibility of the user, Chromalox will be glad to make equipment recommendations. WARNING: Not for use in hazardous environments as described in the National Electrical Code. Failure to comply can result in explosion or fire. Thermostat Location The proper location of the thermostat is most important to insure that it will provide a comfortable temperature. Observe the following general rules when selecting a location: 1. Locate thermostat about 5’ above floor. 2. Install thermostat on a partitioning wall, not on an outside wall. 3. Never expose thermostat to direct light from lamps, sun or heating devices. 4. Avoid locations close to doors that lead outside, windows or adjoining outside walls. 5. Avoid locations close to radiators, warm air registers or in the direct path of heat from them. 6. Make sure there are no pipes or duct work in that part of the wall chosen for the thermostat location. © 2010 Chromalox, Inc. MOUNTING AND WIRING WARNING: Hazard of Electrical Shock. Disconnect all power before wiring or servicing this control. 1. Electric wiring to heater must be installed in accordance with Local and National Electrical Codes. WARNING: Use copper conductors only. 2. Pull thermostat wires through large opening in center of wall mounting plate and fasten wires beneath proper terminal screws as follows: A. Connect to 4 and 5 as shown. 3. Push excess wire into wall or switch box and plug up hole to prevent drafts from affecting thermostat operations. 4. Thermostat must be level to assure optimum performance. Place level on top of wall mounting plate and mark hole locations for mounting screws. Attach plate loosely to wall with the two screws provided. Again, place level on top of plate to be sure it is level. Then, tighten mounting screws. 5. Remove cover from thermostat by pulling outward. Remove and discard pad (shipping protection for switch). Place thermostat base onto wall mounting plate and securely tighten all three screws (four for heating-cooling models). Then, snap on thermostat cover. HEAT ANTICIPATION Adjustable Heater Set heater indicator to match the current rating of the primary control. Heater may be adjusted for current ratings from 0.15 to 1.0 Amp. Primary Control Circuit Ratings 60Hz LUH 0.375A KUH 0.375A WARNING: The adjustable Heater (Heat Anticipator) WILL BURN OUT if 25V are applied directly to thermostat by shorting out the primary control during testing or by incorrect wiring. WARNING: This product contains mercury. Dispose of thermostat in a manner in accordance with local, state and federal laws. HeaterIndicator (Move Indicator to Match Current Rating of Primary Control) Use this Lever to Adjust Indicator (Do not Turn Screw) Limited Warranty: Please refer to the Chromalox limited warranty applicable to this product at Chromalox* PRECISION HEAT AND CONTROL 1347 HEIL QUAKER BLVD., LAVERGNE, TN 37086 Phone: (615) 793-3900 www.chromalox.com...

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