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Инструкция по эксплуатации Parkside, модель PHLG 2000 B1

Производитель: Parkside
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In doing this, take into account the working conditions and the task in hand. The use of electrical power tools for purposes other than those intended can lead to dangerous situations. Safety advice relating specifically to this device . Children or persons who lack the knowledge or experience to use the device or whose physical, sensory or intellectual capacities are limited must never be allowed to use the device GB/IE General safety advice for electrical power tools / Operation without supervision or instruction by a person responsible for their safety. Children must never be allowed to play with the device. ATTENTION! To avoid the danger of injury, burning and dangers to your health: . If danger arises, pull the mains plug immediately out of the mains socket. DANGER OF PERSONAL INJURY! Never use the appliance as a hair dryer. . Do not direct the heat flow at persons or animals. . Do not look directly into the opening of the heat nozzle 3 . DANGER OF BURNS! Do not touch the hot nozzle. Wear protective gloves. Wear protective glasses. DANGER OF FIRE AND EXPLOSION! The appliance develops very high temperatures. If the device is not used carefully, it can give rise to increased risk of fire or explosion. . Do not work in the vicinity of easily ignitable gases or materials. Heating of plastics, paints, varnishes etc. can lead to the creation of gases that are hazardous to health. Make sure you always have adequate ventilation. . Let the device cool down completely before you put it into storage. Always place your heat gun down on its end, with the nozzle pointing upwards. . In addition, you should never leave the device working unattended. . When taking a break from your work, before carrying out any tasks on the device itself (e.g. changing the nozzle) or when you are not using the device, always pull the mains plug out of the mains socket. . Do not direct the device at the same spot for too long a period. . Maintain a distance between the jet outlet nozzle and the workpiece or the surface being heated. An air blockage could lead to overheating of the appliance. . Pay heed to the direct working area and also to its surroundings. The heat produced could reach to inflammable articles located out of the visible area. . Always keep the device clean, dry and free of oil or grease. . Never use the device for a purpose for which it was not intended. Operation Preparing the device for use CAUTION! When using the device, never allow the ventilation slots to be covered. CAUTION! DANGER OF BURNS! Do not touch the hot nozzle. Switching on the device: . Press the ON / OFF switch 2 into setting “I“ or “II“. Switching off the device: Press the ON / OFF switch 2 into setting “0“. Adjusting the air quantity and temperature: You can use the temperature and air quantity control 2 to set two different blower levels. It is therefore possible to select the appropriate quantity of air and temperature in accordance with the intended use: Setting I Setting II 300 l / min 350 °C 500 l / min 550 °C Use as free-standing unit / during cooling (see Fig. D): . Always set the device down upright on a level surface, this will allow · you to have both hands free · the device to cool GB/IE Operation / Cleaning / Service / Warranty Changing the nozzle Too much heat causes paints and plastics to ignite. CAUTION! Do not inhale the resulting vapours. Protector nozzle 4 – for removing paint and varnish (see Ill. B): . Place the protector nozzle 4 on the outlet tube 3 . . The spatula shape of the nozzle ensures the air is properly directed. Use a separate spatula for removing paint or varnish. Flat nozzle 5 – for detaching glues, softening paint (see Ill. C): . Place the flat nozzle 5 on the outlet tube 3 . . Do not apply heat for too long a period, as burnt paint becomes much more difficult to remove. Many glues can be softened by warming. Glued connections can then be detached and excess glue removed. Reducing nozzle 6 – for welding plastic: . Place the reducer nozzle 6 on the outlet tube 3 . . Use the reducing nozzle 6 for heat-shrinkable sleeves and film. . Further examples of uses in the house, car and garden Defrosting water pipes: Notice! It must not be used for thawing PVC pipes. Notice! It is often very difficult to tell the difference between gas pipes and water pipes. If in doubt, ask a competent person. Notice! Copper pipes are joined using tin solder and must not be heated above 200 °C. Loosening a threaded connection: . Heating the threaded connection carefully can often allow the connection to be released. Removing weeds: . The heat dries out the weeds and micro- organisms. Lighting barbecue charcoal (see Ill. E): Do not use methylated alcohol. . Push the barbecue lighting nozzle 7 on to the hot air nozzle 3 . . Charcoal ignites in a few minutes. Wax removal: . You can remove wax residues from skis / snowboard or from candle holders. Use the amount of care appropriate to the product. Cleaning Before carrying out work on the app...

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