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Инструкция по эксплуатации Parkside, модель PHLG 2000-2

Производитель: Parkside
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Switching on the device: j Press the ON / OFF switch or “II“. 2 into setting “I“ Switching off the device: j Press the ON / OFF switch 2 into setting “0“. adjusting the air quantity and temperature: You can use the temperature and air quantity control 2 to set two different blower levels. It is therefore possible to select the appropriate quantity of air and temperature in accordance with the intended use: Setting I 300 l / min 350 °C Setting II 500 l / min 550 °C GB/IE/CY Operation / Cleaning Use as free-standing unit/during cooling (see Fig. b, E): j Always set the device down upright on a level surface, this will allow · you to have both hands free · the device to cool Q Changing the nozzle WarnInG! Too much heat causes paints and plastics to ignite. CaUTIOn! Do not inhale the resulting vapours. reflector nozzle 4 – for shaping plastic pipes or tubes (see Ill. b): j Place the reflector nozzle 4 on the outlet tube 3. j Fill the pipe or tube with sand and ensure it is closed at both ends. This will prevent the pipe or tube from kinking. j Warm the pipe evenly, in that you move it back and forth. Protector nozzle 5 – for removing paint and varnish (see Ill. C): j Place the protector nozzle 5 on the outlet tube 3 . j The spatula shape of the nozzle ensures the air is properly directed. Use a separate spatula for removing paint or varnish. Flat nozzle 6 – for detaching glues, softening paint (see Ill. D): j Place the flat nozzle 6 on the outlet tube 3 . j Do not apply heat for too long a period, as burnt paint becomes much more difficult to remove. Many glues can be softened by warming. Glued connections can then be detached and excess glue removed. reducing nozzle 7 – for welding plastic: j Place the reducer nozzle 7 on the outlet tube 3 . j Use the reducing nozzle 7 for heat-shrinkable sleeves and film. Q Further examples of uses in the house, car and garden Defrosting water pipes: notice! It must not be used for thawing PVC pipes. notice! It is often very difficult to tell the difference between gas pipes and water pipes. If in doubt, ask a competent person. notice! Copper pipes are joined using tin solder and must not be heated above 200°C. j Use the reflector 4 to defrost water pipes. Loosening a threaded connection: j Heating the threaded connection carefully can often allow the connection to be released. removing weeds: j The heat dries out the weeds and microorganisms. Lighting barbecue charcoal: WarnInG! Do not use methylated alcohol. j Charcoal ignites in a few minutes. Wax removal: j You can remove wax residues from skis / snowboard or from candle holders. Use the amount of care appropriate to the product. Q Cleaning WarnInG! Before carrying out work on the appliance, always remove the plug from the power socket. j Keep the air inlet and outlet clean. j Use a cloth to clean the housing. Use a soft cloth to clean the housing. Never use petrol, solvents or cleaning agents as these may attack the plastic. 10 GB/IE/CY Service/Warranty/Disposal Q Service J WarnInG! Have your device repaired only by qualified specialist personnel using original manufacturer parts only. This will ensure that your device remains safe to use. J WarnInG! If the plug or mains lead needs to be replaced, always have the replacement carried out by the manufacturer or its service centre. This will ensure that your device remains safe to use. Q Warranty This appliance is guaranteed for 3 years from the date of purchase. It has been carefully produced and meti-culously checked before delivery. Please keep your receipt as proof of purchase. Contact your service centre by telephone in case of questions pertaining to the warranty. your goods can be transmitted free of cost only in this manner. This warranty applies only to the initial purchaser and is non-transferable. The warranty covers only material or manufacturing faults, not normal wear or damage to fragile parts such as switches or rechargeable batteries. The appliance is intended solely for private, not commercial, use. If this product has been subjected to improper or inappropriate handling, abuse, or interventions not carried out by one of our authorised sales and service outlets, the warranty will be considered void. This warranty does not affect your statutory rights. Gb DES Ltd Units 14-15 bilston Industrial Estate Oxford Street bilston (Great britain) WV14 7EG Tel.: 0870/787-6177 Fax: 0870/787-6168 e-mail: support.uk@kompernass.com IE Komperna. Service Ireland Tel.: 1850 930 412 (0,082 €/Min.) * Standard call rates apply. Mobile operators may vary. e-mail: support.ie@kompernass.com Q Disposal The packaging is wholly composed of environmentally-friendly materials that can be disposed of at a local recycling centre. Do not dispose of electric tools in the household waste! InaccordancewithEuropean Directive 2002/96/EC relating to old electrical and electronic appliances and its translation into national law, used electric tools must be collected separately and recycled in a...

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