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Инструкция по эксплуатации Creda, модель X253E

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It is heated by two elements – the grill element and an element under the floor of the oven—and has a fully variable temperature control like the main oven. To heat the oven, turn the control knob clockwise, selecting the required temperature as recommended in the Top Oven temperature chart. The indicator light will immediately come on and remain on until the oven reaches the required temperature. The light will then automatically go off and on during cooking as the oven thermostat maintains the correct temperature. The Top Oven is used in exactly the same way as the Main Oven to cook all types of food. It can either be used alone, to cook small quantities of food, or in conjunction with the main oven to provide additional cooking space, so often necessary when entertaining. There are two cooking positions – the shelf placed directly on the floor of the oven, or runner 1 from the floor of the oven. To correctly position the rod shelf the side rods with “indents” must be uppermost and to the rear, this forms an ‘arrest’ position in conjunction with the embossed side liners. The correct positioning of food is indicated in the temperature charts on pages 29 and 30. These charts are a guide only giving approximate cooking temperatures and times. To suit personal taste and requirements, it may be necessary to increase or decrease temperatures by 10°C. Food must never be placed directly on the floor of the oven with out a shelf in position, and there should always be at least 25mm (1”) between the top of the food and the grill element. Most foods are cooked at a lower temperature in the smaller top oven than in a larger conventional main oven. Always ensure a 7.5cm (3") gap is left at the front of the baking tray to ensure even cooking. Do not use utensils larger than 300mm (12") x 230mm (9"). Large utensils should be used in the main oven. The Top Oven is most useful for the longer, slower cooking required for cheaper cuts of meat – casserole cooking, pot roasting, braising etc. Small joints of meat up to 1.5kg (3 lbs) or poultry up to 2.5kg (6 lbs) in weight can be roasted in a small meat pan in the Top Oven, but should preferably be ‘slow roasted’ or covered with a lid of aluminium foil (one or two incisions in the top of the foil will allow the meat or poultry to brown). Always ensure that there is at least 25mm (1”) between the top of the foil and the grill element. Do not use the meat pan supplied for the main oven or the grill pan for roasting in the Top Oven. Larger joints of meat weighing more than l.5kg (3 lbs) or poultry weighing more than 2.5kg (6 lbs) should be roasted in the main oven. Top Oven/Grill Cookery Notes (X253E) Top Oven as a Hotcupboard Grilling Grill Pan Handle Plates and dishes placed on the floor of the top oven will be heated when the main oven is in use. When the main oven is not in use (for instance when a meal is being cooked on the hob) place the plates and serving dishes on the rod shelf using the bottom runner, and turn the top oven control to approximately 100°C (200°F). A maximum time of 10-12 minutes is all that is required to heat the plates and dishes. CAUTION: Accessible parts may become hot when the grill is in use. Children should be kept away. GRILLING SHOULD NOT BE UNDERTAKEN WITH THE GRILL/TOP OVEN DOOR CLOSED. Never line the grill pan with aluminium foil. The grill control is designed to provide variable heat control of the grill element. Please note that the grill will not operate unless the top oven control is in the OFF position. Open the top oven/grill door, preheat the grill at 6 setting for approximately 5 minutes. When toasting the rod shelf is placed in the top runner. Position the pan centrally below the grill element. Leave the control at 6 for toast, sealing and fast cooking of foods. For thicker cuts requiring longer cooking, turn the control to a lower setting after the initial sealing on both sides at 6. The thicker the food the lower the control should be set. See chart on guide to grilling. Remember to switch off the grill control at the end of cooking. The grill pan handle is detachable from the pan to facilitate cleaning and storage. The handle can be either detachable from or fixed to the pan. For a fixed handle remove the screw and washers from the grill pan bracket, tilt the handle over the recess adjacent to the bracket, slide it towards the centre of the pan and let the handle locate over the bracket. Replace screw and washers and ensure that they are fully tightened up. For a detachable handle remove screw and washers from the grill pan and retain for future use. Please note, if a fixed handle is required, grill pan is unable to be kept in the Main Oven with door closed. It may be stored in the Top Oven with door closed. Fig. A Fig. B Fig. C Grill Chart (X253E) Food Preheat for 5 mins. Shelf Position from Base of Oven Approx. Cooking Time Toasting of Bread Products 6 2 3-10 mins. depending on type/ thickness of food Small cuts of meat, sausage...

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