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Инструкция по эксплуатации Creda, модель X156E

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1. TURN OFF THE COOKER APPLIANCE AT THE WALL SWITCH. 2. COVER THE PAN WITH A FIRE BLANKET OR DAMP CLOTH, this will smother the flames and extinguish the fire. 3. LEAVE THE PAN TO COOL FOR AT LEAST 60 MINUTES BEFORE MOVING IT. Injuries are often caused by picking up a hot pan and rushing outside with it. NEVER USE A FIRE EXTINGUISHER TO PUT OUT A PAN FIRE as the force of the extinguisher is likely to tip the pan over. Never use water to extinguish oil or fat fires. For Your Safety Never . Never leave children unsupervised where a cooking appliance is installed as all surfaces will be hot during and after its use. . Never allow anyone to sit or stand on any part of the appliance. . Never store items above the appliance that children may attempt to reach. . Never leave anything on the hob surface when unattended and not in use. . Never remove the oven shelves whilst the oven is hot. . Never heat up unopened food containers as pressure can build up causing the container to burst. . Never store chemicals/food stuffs, pressurised container in or on the appliance, or in cabinets immediately above or next to the appliance. . Never place flammable or plastic items on or near the hob. . Never fill a deep fat frying pan more than 1/3 full of oil, or use a lid. DO NOT LEAVE UNATTENDED WHILE COOKING. . Never operate the grill with the grill door closed as this will cause the appliance to overheat. . Never use the appliance as a room heater. . Never use the grill to warm plates. . Never dry any items on either the hob or oven doors. . Never install the appliance next to curtains or other soft furnishings. . Never use steam cleaners. Features X153E 1000W 2000W (Red Spot) HOB VENTILATION SLOTS GRILL DOOR REMOVABLE INNER GLASS DOOR MODEL & SERIAL NUMBER GRILL 1500W 1000W CONTROL PANEL GRILL DOOR SWITCH GRILL/MEAT PAN WITH REMOVABLE HANDLE AND WIRE FOOD SUPPORT CREDACLEAN SIDE PANELS OVEN ROD SHELVES PLINTH VENTILATION SLOTS Features X156E 1200W 1800W HOB VENTILATION SLOTS GRILL GRILL DOOR REMOVABLE INNER GLASS DOOR MODEL & SERIAL NUMBER 1800W 1200W CONTROL PANEL GRILL DOOR SWITCH GRILL/MEAT PAN WITH REMOVABLE HANDLE AND WIRE FOOD SUPPORT CREDACLEAN SIDE PANELS OVEN ROD SHELVES PLINTH VENTILATION SLOTS Features X253E GRILL/TOP OVEN DOOR REMOVABLE INNER GLASS DOOR MODEL & SERIAL NUMBER PLINTH VENTILATION SLOTS HOB VENTILATION SLOTS CONTROL PANEL CREDACLEAN SIDE PANELS OVEN ROD SHELVES GRILL/TOP OVEN 1000W 1500W 2000W (Red Spot) 1500W (Red Spot) GRILL/MEAT PAN WITH REMOVABLE HANDLE AND WIRE FOOD SUPPORT Control Panel X153E and X156E GRILL MAIN OVEN INDICATOR INDICATOR LIGHT LIGHT MAINGRILLLEFT RIGHTLEFT RIGHT ...... FRONT REAR REAR FRONT OVEN PLATE PLATE PLATE PLATE X253E MAIN OVEN TOP OVEN INDICATOR INDICATOR LIGHT LIGHT MAIN TOP GRILL LEFT RIGHTLEFT RIGHT ....... OVEN OVEN FRONT REAR REAR FRONT PLATE PLATE PLATE PLATE Control Knobs The knobs for the hotplates can be rotated in either direction to provide variable heat control, the Main Oven and Top Oven knobs can only be rotated clockwise from the Off position. Note: Always ensure that all controls are in the OFF position, when the appliance is not in use. Operating the In common with all cookers having controls sited above the grill control when the compartment, care must be taken when setting the controls, due grill is in use to hot air being emitted from the grill compartment. Slow cooking ‘S’ The main oven has a ‘S’ setting specially designed to reduce energy usage. Full details of this can be found in the Slow cooking section of this book. Cooling Fan A gentle flow of air will be blown from below the control panel when (X253E only) either oven and/or grill controls are in use. Hotplates General Information Notes (X153E & X253E) Note: Use of Hotplates Control Settings Guide Under no circumstances should the hob be used with aluminium foil in contact with the hob surface. The controls set the hotplates at six pre-set power levels. Each control can be used to select one of six temperature settings from a minimum at position 1 to a maximum at position 6, the redspot hotplates heat up more rapidly to give faster boiling. This table is provided only as a guide – settings also depend on the type of pan used and the quantity of food. Knob Position Type of food 1 To melt butter, chocolate, etc. 1 or 2 To heat food gently. To keep small amounts of water simmering. To heat sauces, containing egg yolks and butter, To simmer: stews, meat, fish, vegetables, fruit. 3 To heat solid and liquid foods. Keep water boiling. Thaw frozen vegetables. Make 2-3 egg omelettes. 4 or 5 To cook foods, just above simmering. To maintain 'rolling' boil for preserve making. 5 or 6 To seal meat and fry fish. 6 Frying potatoes. Bringing water to the boil. Deep fat frying. Dissolve sugar for preserve making. Safety 1. Use a deep pan, large enough to completely cover the requirements for appropriate heating area. deep fat frying 2. Never fill the pan more than one-third full of oil. 3. Never leave oil or fa...

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