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Инструкция по эксплуатации Unigreen, модель TurboTeuton P400

Производитель: Unigreen
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Pay the greatest attention to all the warning and danger signs on the machine. Don’t use the machine for any other purpose other than that indicated in the manual. The machine has been designed and built with the appropriate devices to guarantee the safety of the user. In any case there are some residual risks associated with the improper use of the machine by the operator; for this purpose danger signs and symbols and prohibitions are applied near some parts of the machine (see previous pictograms). Key to the symbols 1- Read the Use and Maintenance manual 2- Stop the machine and read the manual before every intervention 3- Don’t lubricate while running 4- Don’t drink 5- Don’t dispose of residue liquids in the environment 6- No smoking 7- Danger, risk or injury, don’t get near the machine until the moving machine members have stopped 8- Danger of crushing, don’t get your hands near the moving mechanical machine members 9- Danger, risk or injury caused by fluids under pressure 10- Don’t climb on the machine during work or transfers 11- Don’t climb on the tank 12- Don’t enter in the tank 13- Wearing earmuffs is obligatory 14- Wearing a face mask is obligatory 15- Wearing safety footwear is obligatory 16- Wearing protective gloves is obligatory 17- Wearing protective overalls is obligatory 18- Use a working pressure under that indicated in red on the manometer. 19- Don’t get your hands near the moving cardan shaft 20- Make sure power-takeoff of the tractor turns in the right direction and runs at the right speed. 21- Don’t remove the protecting device with fan moving. 22- Material shooting off the machine, stand at a safe distance. 23- Don’t stand between the machine and the tractor. da 1 a 18 19+20 23FIG.1 21+22 INDICATIVE POSITION OF THE WARNING SIGNS ON THE MISTBLOWERS NB: the position may vary on the basis of the characteristics of the model. unigreen 5 2.1 INTENDED USE The sprayer in this series is built for agricultural use. The materials used are resistant to normal chemical products used in agricultural spraying (or herbicides) at the time of construction. Any other use is not allowed and the manufacturer is not responsible for any damage caused by aggressive, dense or sticky chemicals. THE USE OF THE MACHINE BY PERSONS UNDER 18 YEARS OF AGE IS STRICTLY FORBIDDEN The use of liquid fertilizers in suspension is not allowed, while the use of the same in a solution is possible if requested when the machine is ordered from Unigreen and in any case changing some of the parts described in the handbooks of the regulator, such as the manometer (stainless steel), the nozzles (large diameter ceramic) and eliminating the fine mesh filters to prevent blockages. 2.2 PROHIBITED USE Using the machine with the following products is strictly forbidden: = Paints of any kind and type = Solvents or thinners for paints of any kind and type = Combustibles or lubricants of any kind and type = LPG or gas of any kind and type = Flammable liquids of any kind and type = Liquid foodstuffs, whether for animals or humans = Liquids containing granules or consistent solids = Mixtures of various incompatible chemical products = Liquid fertilizer or manure in suspension with lumps and/or that is particularly dense = Liquids with a temperature of over 40°C = Any products that aren’t suitable for the specific use of the machine. 2.3 USING CHEMICAL PRODUCTS All pesticides or herbicides can be dangerous to humans and the environment if used erroneously or inadvertently. Therefore we recommend that only suitably trained persons should use these products (license) and in any case only after having carefully read the instructions on the container. 2.3.1 REGULATIONS FOR THE USE OF CHEMICAL PRODUCTS Some recommendations for avoiding damage and accidents: = Keep the machine in a suitable, protected place with no access for children or strangers = Handle the products with care, wearing rubber acid-proof gloves, goggles- face masks or filtering helmets, overalls made of water-repellent fabrics or TIVEK and boots made of rubber or similar materials. = If chemical products or mixtures of product come into contact with the eyes or are swallowed consult a doctor immediately, taking the label of the product with you. = Wash all clothes that come into contact with the chemical, whether diluted or undiluted, thoroughly before using them again. = Don’t smoke, drink or eat when preparing or spraying the mix or near or in the fields treated. = DON’T ENTER THE TANK: the residues of a chemical product can cause poisoning and suffocation. = When spraying, respect safe distances from residential areas, water courses, roads, sports centres and public parks or paths. = Thoroughly wash the containers of plant protection products using the relevant accessories, rinsing several times with clean water. The liquids used for washing can be used for treatment. = Collect the washed containers and send them to the relevant collection centres. Never dispose of them in the ...

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