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Инструкция по эксплуатации Unigreen, модель TurboTeuton P300

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Never lift or move the mistblowers by hand if there is liquid in the tank. The machine will weigh more and the movement of the liquid can change the centre of gravity causing uncontrolled movements. We recommend using slings as shown in the figure, the lifting points to use on the machine are indicated with the relevant symbol. Movimentare e sollevare la macchina Don’t lift the machine with the forks of a forklift truck because the machine can solo con cisterna vuota tip over due to the overhanging weight of the blower group. Don’t pass or stand under the machine when it is being lifted. 4.3.1 MOUNTED ATOMISERS PARKING Don’t stand the atomiser on unstable ground or steep slopes, the machine is designed to be parked safely on compact ground with a slope of up to 8.5° MOVING To lift the machine, follow the instructions above. FIG.3 unigreen 9 4.4 TRACTOR COUPLING The tractor must have 1”3/8 ASAE DIN 9611/A power-takeoff that runs at 550 rpm. It must have a 3-point elevator suitable for safely supporting the weight of the atomiser. Check this by consulting the table of allowed fittings N° 17a (pages 34). WARNING: make sure there are no persons or things near the atomiser before starting the machine and while you are using it. Attacco alla Trattrice FIG.4 M x s < 0,2 T x i + Z x (d + i) i = interasse ruote trattrice d = distanza dell’asse anteriore dalle zavorre s = sbalzo dall’asse posteriore della macchina operatrice T = massa della trattrice + operatore (75 kg) Z = massa della zavorra M = massa della macchina operatrice 4.4.1 THREE-POINT COUPLING a) We recommend carefully checking that the tractor is suitable for supporting the weight of the fully loaded sprayer safely. The total weight of the sprayer with all of its accessories and fittings is indicated on the nameplate in FIG. 2 and also (in the version with the maximum fittings allowed) in tables N° 17a (pages 34). For verification use the formula shown here. Non-observance can result in a very dangerous situation as the tractor will lose steering sensitivity and can tip over when driving uphill or over bumps. b) Check the diameter of the elevator coupling pins. If necessary position the double diameter pins correctly; there are also appropriate adapter bushes available. c) Adjust the length of the third point tie-rod correctly so the sprayer is perfectly vertical in normal working position. d) Check for the presence of the safety pins that stop the arms of the tractor jumping off the connecting pins. 4.4.5 HYDRAULIC CONNECTION TO THE DISTRIBUTORS Machines that need a hydraulic connection to drive the movements of the cannon are equipped with 1/2", “Push-Pull”, quick-fit male couplings.You can connect the pipes by simply pushing them in, making sure you: - do so only with the engine turned off; - lower any tools connected to the elevator of the tractor; - carefully clean the two parts that will be coupled Warning: the hydraulic cylinders used are the “Double Effect” type. Consult the use and maintenance manual of the tractor. 10 unigreen 4.5 CARDAN SHAFT In some models this is supplied on request. The cardan shaft must bear the CE mark. It must always have its own instructions that must be followed scrupulously and it should come with a cover bearing the mark, integrated in every part. You should have previously checked the length to avoid: = if it is too long, DANGEROUS THRUST ON THE PUMP SHAFT = if too short, the POSSIBILITY OF DANGEROUS BREAKAGES THE MINIMUM OVERLAP OF THE TWO TELESCOPIC TUBES MUST NEVER BE LESS THAN 1/3 OF THE LENGTH OF THE TUBES. The power that can be transmitted by the cardan shaft must be at least equal to that required to run the mistblower. These power ratings are indicated in tables N° 17a (page 34). FIG. 7FIG. 6 a) Hook any safety chains to solid anchor points b) Check that the button or ringnut “E” (FIG. 6) is correctly engaged and blocked both on the pump side and on the tractor side. c) Don’t exceed an inclination of 30° in any direction for any reason d) With the machine stopped, periodically grease the spiders and the pipes, keeping the connecting zone particularly clean. e) Avoid letting the end of the cardan shaft come into contact with the ground with the machine stopped; use the relevant support on some versions for this, if your machine has no support, hook the external safety chain to a part of the frame of the machine (ex. control unit support). f) For towed mistblowers with a steering drawbar, be very careful not to lift the arms of the elevator too high to prevent the cardan shaft touching parts of the drawbar. l) For towed mistblowers, avoid very tight steering circles with the cardan shaft turning (max 30°) as this could damage both the cardan shaft and the feet of the pump (FIG. 7). NEVER USE THE CARDAN TRANSMISSION IF THE FOLLOWING PROTECTIVE COVERS ARE MISSING: -TRACTOR POWER-TAKEOFF PROTECTIVE COVER -CARDAN SHAFT PROTECTIVE COVER -FIXED PROTECTIVE COVER ON THE PUMP SHAFT 4.6 PUMP When using the pump scrupulo...

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