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Инструкция по эксплуатации La Crosse Technology, модель WWVB

Производитель: La Crosse Technology
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In this time the display will show both the indoor temperature and humidity. If the station does not display both indoor temperature and indoor humidity after the 15 minutes please retry the set up as stated above. After both indoor temperature and indoor humidity are displayed for 15 minutes you can place your projection alarm in your desired location. To complete the set up of your temperature station after the 15 minutes have passed please follow the steps beginning on page 6. 4 DETAILED SET-UP GUIDE I. BATTERY INSTALLATION A. PROJECTION ALARM AC adapter receptacle 1. Remove the battery cover. 2. Observe the correct polarity, and install 2 AA batteries. 3. In addition or instead of inserting batteries, the AC adapter can be used. Simply plug the adapter into the receptacle on the underneath of the alarm clock and then plug in adapter. 4. Replace the battery cover. 5. The projector will activate and remain on if the alarm clock is plugged in. If only batteries are used, the projector will only be activated when a button is pressed. The projection is a red light, not harmful under normal usage, although care should be taken to not look directly into the light. Notes: • After the batteries have been installed a tone will sound, and the LCD (Liquid Crystal Display) will activate. • The indoor temperature/humidity will be displayed. Also, the time will appear as “-:--”. • The WWVB search is automatically initiated, and a tower icon appears and flashes with the time colon (no tower icon will appear if the WWVB is too weak to be detected, and the time display will remain on “-:--”). • While the WWVB search is being conducted various numbers will appear in the time display. • After 15 minutes, the projection alarm will either display the WWVB time, or discontinue the search if the time is not found. If the search is cancelled “-:--” will remain in the time LCD. • The projection alarm will conduct a WWVB search every hour until the first signal is found. • Once the WWVB time is found, a search is automatically conducted nightly at midnight. • If the signal is found at midnight, the tower icon will remain, if not, another search will take place every hour (until 6:00 am) until the signal is found successfully. • If no signal is found during this period, the tower icon will not appear and the clock will search again at 12:00 am the next night. • The radio-controlled time receiver is located on the bottom side of the projection alarm. When using the AC adaptor be sure to keep the adapter cord away from the bottom side of the unit as if the wire is too close it can cause weakened reception sensitivity. 5 II. PROGRAM MODE To enter the Program Mode hold down the “MODE/MIN” button for 3 seconds, until the time flashes in the top of the display. The Program Mode Guide is laid out in a manner that allows you to program each function separately, or you can follow the instructions entirely to program the projection alarm. Complete programming is usually done for ...

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