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Инструкция по эксплуатации Alvin, модель WTB42

Производитель: Alvin
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Use care to differentiate rear crossbar (B) (341/2" long) from footrest crossbar (C) (351/2" long). Attach both rear crossbars (B) and the footrest and support crossbars (C) to one side frame (A) using 2" Allen bolts (H). Tighten securely. Note: Threaded barrels preattached to leg frames must be in rear and facing out. Attach other side frame (A) to opposite ends of crossbars in step two using 2" Allen bolts (H). Tighten securely. Place dust cover (D) over top of base frame and attach using %" Phillips screws (I). Note: Wooden strip on dust cover should be in front of table and facing up. Attach hinge assemblies (G) to side frames into pre-drilled holes using %" Phillips screws (I) as shown in diagram. Pay close attention to correct orientation of left and right hinges. Tighten securely. Insert tilt adjustment rods (F) into threaded barrels on each side frame. Screw adjustment knobs (E) into threaded barrels on each side frame. Set adjustment rods so that connecting brackets are about 2" above side frames for the time being with rods facing straight up and down and rear mounting brackets facing out, as shown in diagram. Tighten knobs securely. Base frame assembly is now complete. Set aside. 5 6 8 To Attach Tabletop to Base Frame This base can be used with 42", 48", or 60" wide top. P0 Inspect tabletop carefully and choose which side you U0 want facing up for use. This side should be placed face-down on a carpeted or otherwise protected floor to avoid scratches. Carefully turn base frame assembly upside down and place on tabletop. This may require two people. ^2 Position base assembly so that front hinges are 1/" from the front edge of the tabletop, as shown in diagram. Hinges should also be centered evenly between left and right sides of tabletop. ^3 Adjust and position rear mounting brackets so they are 19/" from the front edge of the table top and centered evenly between left and right sides, as shown in diagram. Brackets should sit flush on the tabletop surface with the rods facing straight up and down. ^4 Mark locations of all 12 holes with a dark pencil or marker and then use an awl or drill with 1/i6" bit to make starter holes. Use care not to drill all the way through the tabletop. ^5 Attach front hinges and rear brackets to tabletop using %" Phillips screws (I). Tighten securely but use care not to over tighten and strip. ©2008 ALVIN & COMPANY, INC. • P.O. Box 188, Windsor, CT 06095-0722 WWW.alvinCO.COm Phone: 860-243-8991 • Toll-Free: 800-444-2584 • Fax: 860-242-8037 • Toll-Free Fax: 800-777-2896 lit-abiss 7/qb...

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