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During this time the pump will run at a maximum speed. In the off position, press the “PULSE MODE” • button once. The green power light will flash to indicate reset.• Multi-Colored Spa Light Operation Turn the spa light on by pressing the “LIGHT” 1. button on the topside control panel. To filter through the different color choices, press 2. the button on and off. Each time you press the button, you advance to the next color. To turn the spa light off when not in use, press the 3. “LIGHT” button. Waterfalls Some spa series include optional waterfalls. When the booster pump is on, turn the knob near the waterfall. Water will immediately start flowing through it. Water Quality Maintenance Cal Spas Clear Water Plan Great spa water is easily achieved when the right chemicals and / or systems are used and the Cal Spas “Clear Water Plan” is implemented. The key to clean, clear, and safe water is to fully understand how spa water reacts to users, system operation and chemical use. The “Clear Water Plan” will help give you that understanding. The first thing to understand about taking care of your spa water is that preventive actions are much easier to do than correcting water quality issues. For this reason, we offer the “Clear Water Plan” as a simple, easy to follow guide to clean, safe spa water. Follow the Right Plan You will need to decide which chemical plan or alternative sanitation option works best for your spa water. Consult your Cal Spas dealer for the right decision with regards to your lifestyle and spa usage. Whichever plan you decide on, follow it completely and don’t take shortcuts. These plans will provide you with clean, safe, clear spa water with a minimum of effort. Traditional Chemical Options Choose from either Bromine tablets or Chlorinating granules as your sanitizer of choice. Both work well when the appropriate “Clear Water Plan” is followed. Make sure you follow all instructions and use only Cal Spas brand chemicals. Alternative Sanitation Options Cal Zone Quest 2000 Ozonator This system automatically generates ozone gas and injects it into the spa water. Ozone gas is far superior to chemical bromine or chlorine in sanitizing spa water. Saves replacement chemical cost and guards against forgetting to add chemicals. Cal Clarity Automatic Bromine Generator This system automatically generates and releases free bromine into the spa water. No more need to add chemical bromine tablets or chlorine granules. Saves replacement chemical cost and circumvents the need to add chemicals on a regular basis. Before You Begin Before you begin a “Clear Water Plan”, you should understand that chemicals or systems alone will not take care of your spa water. Other factors such as Filtration and Bather Load also play an important part. Filtration The filter is the part of your spa that removes the debris from the water. Even though Cal Spas uses the advanced Bio Clean filter cartridge that protects itself from bacterial growth, the filter still needs to be cleaned on a regular basis to maximize your spa’s filtering performance and heating efficiency. In addition to spraying off the filter weekly to remove surface debris, your filter should be deep cleaned periodically to dissolve scale and other contaminants that get lodged deep within the filter fibers and impede the filtration process. Even if the filter looks clean, the contaminants can clog the fibers and prevent water from flowing through the filter resulting in the most common spa problem—no heat, caused by a dirty filter. Filter Cleaning Place the dirty filter into a bucket of water deep • enough to cover the filter. Add 8 oz of Cal Spas “Liquid Filter Cleaner” to the bucket of water. Note: It is a good idea to keep a spare filter to be deep cleaned while the regular filter is in the spa. This way, you can rotate the filters and both will last longer. Soak the filter for a minimum of 24 hours.• Remove the filter and spray clean with a water • hose. Spray each pleat carefully. Allow filter to dry completely (a minimum of 2 • days drying time is recommended). Reinstall filter as described in the “Clear Water • Plan”. Filtration Cycles The filtration cycle of your spa is the process that allows the water to flow through the filter. Your spa will filter automatically twice each day. The factory set default time for filtration is usually enough for normal use, however heavy bather load or frequent use may require longer filtration times or more frequent filtration cycles to keep the spa water clean. Consult your Owner’s Manual for setting your spa’s filtration times. Bather Load “Bather Load” is the term used to describe the number of people using a spa, combined with the length of usage, and the frequency of usage. All these factors have a great effect on the spa water. The higher the bather load, the more chemicals need to be added and a longer filtration time will be needed. All versions of the Cal Spas “Clear Water Plan” are designed for spas with average...

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