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Инструкция по эксплуатации Cal Spas, модель Portable Spas

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first 24 hours. Put the cover on and allow the spa to heat to desired 17. temperature. Adjusting The Proper Bromine Levels After start up, decrease the filtration cycle to F-4 1. and monitor the bromine level until it is within the recommended range. Use bromine test strips to achieve a 3-5 ppm 2. recommended level. Note: It can take several days for the bromine level to stabilize because the fill water that was used sometimes contains contaminants that need to be neutralized, thereby using up the initial bromine that is generated. Once the desired level has been achieved, turn the 3. dial down until a maintenance setting is achieved. The common maintenance setting for an average 4. bather load is #4. Note: When changing the setting, use bromine test strips to determine when you have reached the level you want. Once A Week Test spa water with bromine test strip.1. Based on test strip readings:2. First, adjust alkalinity if necessary. • Then, adjust pH if necessary.• Increase / decrease bromine production with • dial if required. Remove dirty filter from the spa and rinse off.3. Place your clean, extra filter cartridge back into the 4. spa. Add 2 oz of Cal Spas “Oxidizer Shock” to spa. Run 5. spa for 15 minutes Vacuum debris from the bottom of your spa with the 6. “Spa Vacuum”. Replace cover.7. Maintenance Schedule Regardless of which “Clear Water Plan” you are using, you should also do the following: Every Month Deep clean your spa’s filter. (Follow “filter cleaning” 1. instruction at beginning of “Clear Water Plan”) Check inside the equipment area for leaks, rodents, 2. and insects. If a leak is discovered, contact your Cal Spas dealer 3. for service. If you see evidence of rodents or insects, take 4. necessary actions to remove them and precautions to prevent them from returning. Every 3 To 4 Months Drain and clean your spa with “Multi-Purpose 1. Cleaner”. Polish the acrylic surface with “Fast Sheen”.2. Clean and treat spa cover, pillows, and Cal Select 3. cabinet (if equipped) with “Cover Protector”. When re-filling your spa, follow your specific “Clear 4. Water Plan” Start Up procedures. If you use the Cal Inline Sanitation System “Clear 5. Water Plan”, don’t forget to replace the Mineral and Bromine Cartridges. Once A Year Clean and treat redwood spa cabinets and 1. gazebos with “Nu-Spa Redwood Stain Renew and Brightener”. If you use the Cal Zone Quest 2000 Ozonator, you 2. will need to replace the ozone cartridge. Check the filter cartridge pleats. If they are frayed, replace the cartridge. Cleaning and Maintenance Removing and Reseating the Pillows You can remove the pillows for cleaning and maintenance quickly and easily. This method works for all types of pillows. Grab the lower edge of the pillow with both hands firmly and pull up. As you do this, the pillow inserts will pop out of the holes. Reseat the pillows by aligning the pillow inserts with the holes and striking the pillow hard enough to insert the pegs back into the holes. Spa Cover Important! Keep the spa covered when not in use! Covered spas will use less electricity in maintaining • your set temperature. Covering your spa will protect your spa’s finish from • the sun’s ultraviolet rays. You are required to keep the spa covered to maintain • warranty coverage. Covering your spa helps prevent children from • drowning in the spa. See the manual enclosed with your cover for instructions on mounting the locks and how to lock and unlock the cover. In addition, while the spa cover is rigid, it is not designed to support any weight. Therefore, as a safety precaution and to preserve the life of your cover, you must not sit, stand, or lie on it; nor should you place objects of any kind on top of it. Draining Your Portable Spa Your spa should be drained every four to six months, and refilled with fresh tap water. The following is the recommended method for draining your spa. Turn off the power at the breaker.1. Remove all filters.2. If your drain valve is mounted on the side of the spa cabinet as shown at right, proceed to step 5. If your drain valve is located inside the spa cabinet: Using a Phillips screwdriver, remove the screws to the 3. access panel and open it. Locate hose ending with the 3/4 inch hose-bib fixture.4. Hook up the female end of a garden hose to the drain fitting.5. Place the other end of the garden hose where you would like the water to drain to.6. Twist the hose-bib fixture counterclockwise and pull to open the drain.7. Let spa drain completely, then remove garden hose.8. Twist the hose-bib fixture clockwise to close it.9. Winterizing (Cold Climate Draining) In many areas, the temperature drops below 0°C. We recommend that you always have your spa full of water and running at normal spa temperatures (26.7°C to 37.8°C). This will help reduce the risk of freezing in your spa and your spa’s equipment. Warning: If you find the need to drain your spa, please be aware of the potential of freezing in your spas equipment and plumbing...

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