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Инструкция по эксплуатации Vulcan-Hart, модель VHP20 ML-126347

Производитель: Vulcan-Hart
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1) for each of the two compartments. The operator is able to hold two different products at two different temperatures in separate sections of the same cabinet. All VBP Model, cabinets accommodate either a third, half, or full size steam table pans of various depths. The cabinets will also accommodate the 1/1 or 2/1 gastronorm pan. Model VHP Holding and Transport Cabinets provide an efficient means of transporting, holding, displaying, and serving a variety of prepared foods at proper serving temperatures. All VHP Model, cabinets accommodate either a third, half, or full size steam table pans of various depths. The cabinets will also accommodate the 1/1 gastronorm pan. Model VB Banquet Carts provide an efficient and sanitary method of holding and transporting pre-plated food products in a banquet facility. The carts are designed to accommodate covered or uncovered plates. The covered plates can be used with or without plate carriers. The uncovered plates require the use of plate carriers. Each cart is designed to hold 10 .. (27 cm) plates. If larger or smaller plates are used the capacities increase or decrease to fit. — 3 — — 4 — V SERIES INSTALLATION Before installing, verify the electrical service agrees with the specifications on the rating plate located on the lower rear of the cart. If the electrical service does not agree with the rating plate, do not proceed with installation. Contact your dealer or local Vulcan-Hart service technician immediately. Fig. 2 UNPACKING The APPLIANCE was inspected before leaving the factory. The transportation company assumes full responsibility for safe delivery upon acceptance of the shipment. Immediately after unpacking, check for possible shipping damage. If the APPLIANCE is damaged, save packing material and contact the carrier within 15 days of delivery. Check the delivery documentation for damage reporting contacts and time limits. Carefully unpack and place in a workaccessible area as near the installation position as possible. 1. Open the door and carefully remove any packaging materials and the retaining straps that hold the wire plate racks (VB) or tray slides and tray slide upright side supports (VBP/VHP). 2. Remove all scratch protective film from the cabinet. 3. On banquet carts, lift the plate racks into position on the side brackets. 4. On food holding and transport cabinets, remove cardboard element cover protector from cabinet bottom. Remove adjustable tray slides from box. Remove the tray slide supports and install them in the cabinet. a. Hook the openings in the flat flange of the support over two vertical carriage bolts on the interior of the cabinet. b. Make sure all flanges on the four supports face the door opening. Install tray slides in the cabinet. Make sure the hook on the end of the tray slide is up. LOCATION For efficient cabinet operation, choose a location that will provide easy loading and unloading without interfering with the final assembly of food orders. Fig. 3 The installa...

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