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Инструкция по эксплуатации ActiveForever.com, модель CL 250-CSIMW

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Avoid a low pH, as this will cause unsightly wrinkles to form in the liner, damage to the heater and void the warranty. If a bromine feeder is used that requires holes to be punched in, start with one hole punched at the top of the feeder and one hole punched at the bottom. Place in the spa water and retest water after 2 days. If the bromine level has not increased to the ideal 3-5 ppm range, punch another hole in the bottom of the feeder and retest after another 2 days. Avoid punching too many holes in the feeder as this could cause over bromination, which could bleach out the liner and void the warranty. If the bromine level in the spa reaches 5 ppm or higher, remove bromine feeder from the spa until sanitizer level drops to the correct level (2-3 ppm). Chemical Additions 1. Always have the water circulating when adding chemicals. Add only one chemical at a time. 2. Completely pre-dissolve any granulated chemicals in a water filled bucket so no granules rest on the vinyl surface. Never allow bromine tablets to rest on vinyl floor surface. 3. Add chemicals. Always pre-dissolve or pre-dilute the chemicals you add. With a 5 gallon bucket, dip a few gallons of water out of the tub. Add the chemicals to the bucket and stir until they are fully dissolved or diluted. With the spa jets turned on, slowly add the bucket of water back into the tub in the stream on one of the jets to ensure mixing. If you do not premix your chemicals, you may damage your vinyl surfaces and void your warranty. 4. Do not use gas chlorination, chlorine tablets, ionizers, scents, salts or soaps without consulting with your dealer. Cleanliness 1. Empty the spa and fill with clean water at least every 3 months or when it becomes cloudy and proper water chemistry does not clear it up. Always unplug the power pack before draining the spa. The spa is easily drained by using a hose to siphon out the water. Do not lift the spa if it contains more than 1/4 inch of water. 2. Remove and clean your filter once a week, or more often if necessary. Dirty filters will keep the spa from heating. Storing or Draining your Spa 1. Winterizing / Vacationing: If you are taking a vacation or leaving your spa unused for a week or so you should take a few simple precautions. Leave the thermal top on, turbo control off and set the thermostat dial to low. This will allow the pump to come on from time to time to filter the water and protect the spa in freezing temperatures. Upon return, check the bromine and pH levels. 2. Storing: The spa may be stored in its original box. Make sure all water is drained from the spa and Power Pack. We recommend the use of a wet/dry vac to blow out or suction water from spa pipes and Power Pack lines. Additional care must be taken in freezing climates as plastic becomes more brittle and susceptible to breakage when exposed to sub zero temperatures. 3. Draining the spa: To drain spa use a garden hose to siphon the water out. Place one end of the hose in front of the jet to start siphon action. Place hose on floor of the spa. Then unplug the power cord and drain to a suitable place. Important! User’s Guide Cleaning the Filter 1. Unplug the power pack from the electrical outlet. 2. Using the three caps provided, cap the suction and discharge fittings on the inside of the spa. 3. Open the air bleed fitting on the top of the filter tank. 4. Unscrew the retainer ring from the filter housing and remove the filter housing cover. 5. Lift the filter out of the filter housing. Clean the filter with the spray from a high pressure garden hose. 6. Place the filter back in the filter housing. Make sure the filter is properly seated in the housing and that the o-ring is properly seated in the o-ring groove. 7. Install the filter housing cover and secure with the retaining ring.Tighten the retaining ring hand-tight. Do not over tighten the retaining ring. 8. Remove the caps from the spa suction and discharge fittings inside the spa. 9. Open the air bleed fitting on the top of the filter housing. Leave the bleed fitting open for one minute, or until water drips from the bleed fitting. Close the bleed fitting. 10. Plug the power pack into the electrical outlet. 11. Reset the desired temperature set point. RetainingRingO-RingGrooveO-Ring GFCI (120 volt units only) The GFCI, or Ground Fault Circuit Interrupt, fitting on the power pack electrical cord should be tested monthly. There are no user serviceable parts inside the GFCI. Do not open the GFCI as this will void your warranty. To test the GFCI, use the following procedure. If the GFCI device does not function properly, do not use your spa. Call the dealer or factory immediately for instructions. Do not bypass the GFCI device. 1. Turn on the turbo wave blower. 2. Push the test button on the GFCI located at the end of the power cord. The GFCI light should go out and the turbo wave blower should shut off. If the GFCI light does not go out, and the turbo wave blower does not shut off, the GFCI is faulty...

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