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Инструкция по эксплуатации Powerex, модель Medical Packing System MPD1508

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Inspect and perform maintenance periodically according to maintenance schedule. 2. The maintenance schedule relates to the normal operating conditions. If the circumstances and load condition are adverse, shorten the cycle time and do maintenance accordingly. 3. The tension of the V-belt should be adjusted during the initial stage (500H) and inspected every 2,500 hours afterwards. Proper belt tension for 1 to 3 HP units is 2-3 lbs./.5” deflection; for 5 to 15 HP units, 4-6 lbs./.5” deflection. 4. See page 8. Air Filter Replacement Figure 5 - Air Filter Replacement 1. Remove wing nut or spring clips 2. Remove canister and wipe inside clean with dry cloth. 3. Remove and discard filter cartridge. 4. Install new filter cartridge. Do not attempt to clean and reuse filter cartridge. 5. Wipe inside clean with dry cloth. 4 Oilless Reciprocating Air Compressor Pumps Valve Inspection/ Replacement (Inspect Every 5,000 Hours) Figure 6 INSPECT VALVE SET 1. Remove head bolts from cylinder head. Head bolts for some models are used also as cylinder bolts, which penetrates crankcase (See Figure 7). 2. Remove cylinder head and valve set. If it is difficult to remove by hand, insert screwdriver between cylinder and valve set and remove. INSPECTION AND MAINTENANCE Figure 7 1. Check if exhaust valve (A) sticks to seat or is damaged (See Figure 8). 2. Check if there is breakage, gouge or damage to appearance of intake valve (B). 3. Lift intake valve by 10 mm and check if there is peeling and wear on coating surface of valve spacer (C). Lifting intake! CAUTION valve too much can cause damage to intake valve. 4. Replace with intake valve if valve plate and valve spacer are worn or (B) Check for peelingor wear (C) (A) (A) Figure 8 wear is over 0.5 mm in depth. If exhaust valve rises upwards, clean seat surface if foreign matter sticks. 5. Clean the whole valve set taking care not to damage, seat surface and remove dust. 6. If viton seals (upper and lower) reach inspection time, replace them. Even if its not time to inspect, be sure to replace if they do not protrude from groove for seal or seal has hardened or been damaged. 7. Be sure to replace plastic seat in cylinder. 8. Fit valve set while paying attention to black plastic seat of intake valve fitted to cylinder (so that you do not drop seat or insert tip of valve under seat). 9. Fit cylinder cover and tighten fitting bolt with designated torque. NOTES: • When using valve set again, replace upper and lower viton seals. • When replacing valve set, replace with upper and lower viton seals (valve set with packing set). You cannot reuse disassembled valve set. We are not responsible for any problems caused by reuse of disassembled valve set. REASSEMBLY Assemble in reverse order of disassembling. Tighten each section with designated tightening torque (See Chart on page 6). 5 Oilless Reciprocating Air Compressor Pumps Cylinder Inspection/Replacement Figure 9 Replace if it is scratched 1. Remove cylinder head and valve set. Pay attention not to lose semicircular (black plastic) seat inserted at top surface of cylinder. INSPECTION 1. Surface treated layer is worn and metal is exposed. Replace worn piston and piston ring. 2. Scuffing (damage) due to foreign matter. Replace if it is swollen by scuffing the aluminum cylinder. 3. Replace if several vertical scratches are side by side at a narrow distance. NOTE: Blackish streaks you can feel with your nail or finger are not damage but sliding marks of piston and piston ring. You do not need to replace the piston set or cylinder even if there are several marks on the whole diameter of the cylinder. REASSEMBLY 1. Assemble in reverse order of disassembling cylinder. 2. Direction of cylinder is set so that semicircular spot facing, to which seat (black plastic) is inserted, faces toward flywheel side. 3. Tighten cylinder bolt with designated torque (refer to chart below). Cylinder Cylinder Bolt Torque Seat Figure 10 OPS010 OPT050, OPT150 OPS030 OPT100 156 in. lb. 295 in. lb. Head Bolt Torque OPS010, OPS030, OPT050, OPT100, OPT150 156 in. lb. 6 Oilless Reciprocating Air Compressor Pumps INSPECT PISTON AND PISTON RING (INSPECT EVERY 5,000 HOURS) (B) (A) Figure 11 Figure 12 (C) Figure 13 Piston rings O-ring Piston Piston pin 1. Remove cylinder head and cylinder. 2. Do not use tool to remove the ring. NOTE: Expanding ring too much and deforming can cause wear and leakage. (See Figure 12). Mark upper surface (not lower surface) of removed ring for easy distinction. 3. Inspect lower surface (A) and outer side surface (B) of ring (See Figure 13). Measure thickness (C) of ring with calipers. Replace if foreign matter enters (A, B) or deep damage is found or (C) dimension is less than 2.5 mm at any point around the rings circumference. NOTE: Clean the whole ring and ring groove with soft clean cloth. Ring and piston dust build up in the ring groove can! CAUTION cause knocking. This is sometimes mistaken for bad valve or bearing. REASSEMBLE: Pay attentio...

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