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Инструкция по эксплуатации Powerex, модель Medical Packing System MPD0508

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9. Never attempt to adjust ASME safety valve. Keep safety valve free from paint and other accumulations. ! DANGER Never attempt to repair or modify a tank! Welding, drilling or any other modification will weaken the tank resulting in damage from rupture or explosion. Always replace worn, cracked or damaged tanks. Drain liquid fromNOTICE tank daily. 10. Tanks rust from moisture build-up, which weakens the tank. Make sure to drain tank regularly and inspect periodically for unsafe conditions such as rust formation and corrosion. 11. Fast moving air will stir up dust and debris which may be harmful. Release air slowly when draining moisture or depressurizing. Installation ! WARNING Disconnect, tag and lock out power source then release all pressure from the system before attempting to install, service, relocate or perform any maintenance. Do not lift or move ! CAUTION unit without appropriately rated equipment. Be sure the unit is securely attached to lifting device used. Do not lift unit by holding onto tubes or coolers. Do not use unit to lift other attached equipment. Installation of ! WARNING inlet/outlet air plumbing from the compressor flange and eletrical connection must be in accordance with National Fire Protection Association (NFPA99) Code Compliance for Medical Gas Breathing Air (Level 1). INSTALLATION SITE 1. The oilless compressor must be located in a clean, well lit and well ventilated area. 2. The area should be free of excessive dust, toxic or flammable gases and moisture. 3. Never install the compressor where the surrounding temperature is higher than 105o F or where humidity is high. 4. Clearance must allow for safe, effective inspection and maintenance. Minimum Clearances Above 24” Other sides 36” 5. If necessary, use metal shims or leveling pads to level the compressor. Never use wood to shim the compressor. VENTILATION 1. If the oilless compressor is located in a totally enclosed room, an exhaust fan with access to outside air must be installed. 2. Never restrict the cooling fan exhaust air. Maintain a minimum of 3 feet of clearance around entire unit. 3. Never locate the compressor where hot exhaust air from other heat generating units may be pulled into the unit. WIRING All electrical hook-ups must be performed by a qualified electrician. Installations must be in accordance with local and national electrical codes. Use solderless terminals to connect the electric power source. PIPING Refer to the general product manual. 1. Make sure the piping is lined up without being strained or twisted when assembling the piping for the compressor. 2. Appropriate expansion loops or bends should be installed at the 2 Medical Package System compressor to avoid stresses caused by changes in hot and cold conditions. 3. Piping supports should be anchored separately from the compressor to reduce noise and vibration. 4. Never use any piping smaller than the compressor connection. 5. Use flexible hose to connect the outlet of the compressor to the piping so that the vibration of the compressor does not transfer to the piping. SAFETY VALVES Tank mounted compressors are shipped from the factory with safety valves installed in the tank manifold. The flow capacity of the safety valve is equal to or greater than the capacity of the compressor. 1. The pressure setting of the safety valve must be no higher than the maximum working pressure of the tank. 2. Safety valves should be placed ahead of any possible blockage point in the system, i.e. shutoff valve. 3. Avoid connecting the safety valve with any tubing or piping. 4. Manually operate the safety valve every six months to avoid sticking or freezing. Assembling ModularMedical System MODULAR PLACEMENT 1. Unpack each module and discard all wood shipping materials. 2. Locate frame assembly fasteners provided in parts pack [includes: fasteners, filter(s), isolation pads and inlet flex line]. 3. Place modules at location designated (see picture below for proper arrangment of modules). Provide sufficient clearance around unit for servicing (see minimum clearance section). 4. Install frame assembly fasteners to each frame joining the frames together. 5. Lift corners of each frame assembly and install isolation pads provided. NOTE: Remove shipping brackets painted orange located at the base plate of each compressor module. This will allow spring isolators to free up reducing noise and vibration of the unit. CONNECTING PIPING 1. Locate connection for piping at rear of unit for compressors module to receiver tank module. 2. Remove plastic caps that protect piping against contamination. 3. Connect flex joint to frame securely making sure flex line is not pinched or chinked. 4. Follow steps 1 to 3 for flex line from dryer package to outlet of receiver tank. NOTE: All piping is provided and sealed for this portion of installation. 5. Locate and attach intake inline air filter to outside source air or header. Flex line is provided when attaching intake of compressors to rigid p...

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