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Инструкция по эксплуатации George Foreman, модель Power Grill GRP101CTGCAN

Производитель: George Foreman
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Griddle plate (Part #GRP101CTG-05) Note: † indicates consumer replaceable/removable parts How to Use This product is for household use only. GETTING STARTED • Remove all packing material and any stickers. • Remove and save literature. • Please go to to register your warranty. • Wash all removable parts and/or accessories as instructed in CARE AND CLEANING section of this manual. • Wipe grill plates with a damp cloth or sponge to remove any dust. Wipe dry with a soft cloth or paper towels. • Select location where unit is to be used, leaving enough space between back of unit and wall to allow heat to flow without damage to cabinets and walls. ATTACHING THE GRILL PLATES Important: This appliance should always be used with 2 plates securely attached. Note: When the plates are attached correctly, there will be no space between the top and bottom release handles when the grill is closed. Caution: Attach plates when the appliance is cool. 1. Securely attach the top and bottom grill plates of the appliance using the release handles on each side of the plates. Important: When attaching the plates, be sure they are securely attached using the release handles on each side of the plates. DRIP TRAY Place the drip tray under the front sloped section of the grill. PREHEATING THE GRILL 1. Close cover on grill. 2. Unwind cord and plug into standard electrical outlet. 3. Press the On/Off (I/O) switch on bottom right side of the grill to ON (I) position to begin preheating. The preheat indicator light comes on to indicate that the elements are heating. 4. Allow the grill to preheat (approximately 7.5 minutes) before grilling. When the desired temperature is reached, the preheat indicator light will go out. Note: The preheat indicator light will cycle on and off during cooking to indicate your desired temperature is being maintained. GRILLING 1. Using a pot holder, carefully open the preheated grill. 2. Before first use, if desired, lightly oil grill plates. Note: Aerosol cooking spray should not be used on nonstick surface. Chemicals can build up on surface of grill plates and reduce their efficiency. 3. Carefully place foods to be cooked on lower grilling plate. This grill accommodates up to 6 servings, depending on the size of the food. Note: Do not overload grill. 4. Close cover and allow food to cook for selected time. If desired, use a kitchen timer. Note: Use suggested cooking times found in the GRILLING CHART on pages 6, 7 and 8. Important: Do not leave the appliance unattended during use. 5. Light pressure can be used on the handle to press and heat food to your liking. Important: Do not use heavy pressure on the lid of the grill at any time. 6. After selected time, the food should be done. If you would prefer longer cooking, simply follow the steps, beginning at step 4. 7. Using a pot holder, carefully open the grill cover. 8. Remove cooked food using plastic spatula provided. Note: Always use heatproof plastic or wood utensils to avoid scratching nonstick surface of grill plates. Never use metal skewers, tongs, forks or knives. 9. Press On/Off (I/O) switch to turn grill off. Important: Heating elements will continue to be ON until the On/Off (I/O) switch is pressed or the appliance is unplugged. 10. Allow liquid in drip tray to cool before removing it from under grill. Wash and dry drip tray after each use. SUGGESTED GRILLING CHART The following are meant to be used as a guideline only. The times reflect a full grill of food. Cooking time will depend upon thickness and cut being used. Use a cooking thermometer as a test for doneness. If the food needs longer cooking, check periodically to avoid overcooking the food. FOOD COOKING TIME COMMENTS MEAT Fresh hamburger (5 oz.) 4 – 6 minutes .-inch thick Cooked to medium (160.F) Frozen hamburger (5 oz.) 5 – 6 minutes .-inch thick Cooked to medium (160.F) Flank steak (. lb.) 6 – 8 minutes .-inch thick Cooked to medium rare (145.F) Skirt steak (. lb.) 4 – 6 minutes .-inch thick Cooked to medium (160.F) NY strip steak (shell steak) (6 oz.) 6 – 8 minutes .-inch thick Cooked to medium rare (145.F) Beef tenderloin (5 oz.) 4 – 6 minutes .-inch thick Cooked to medium rare (145.F) Beef kabobs 5 – 7 minutes Cooked to medium (160.F) FOOD COOKING TIME COMMENTS Pork loin chops, boneless 4 – 6 minutes .-inch thick Cooked to 160.F Pork loin chops, bone in 4 – 6 minutes . -inch thick Cooked to 160.F Sausage, link or patty 4 – 6 minutes Cooked to 160°F Hot dogs 4 – 5 minutes Cooked to 168°F Bacon 6 – 8 minutes Cooked until crisp Smoked pork loin chops, boneless 4 – 6 minutes Cooked to 160.F Lamb chops, loin 5 – 7 minutes .-inch thick Cooked to medium (160.F) POULTRY Chicken breast, boneless and skinless (8 oz.) 11 – 13 minutes Cooked to 170.F Chicken tenderloins 4 to 6 pieces 4 – 6 minutes Cooked to 170.F Turkey tenderloin (. lb.) 9 – 11 minutes Cooked to 170.F Turkey burgers (5 oz.) 4 – 6 minutes Cooked to 170.F FISH Tilapia fillets (6 oz., ea.) 5 – 7 minutes C...

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