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Инструкция по эксплуатации DLO, модель iBoom JukeBox

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iPod is a trademark of Apple Inc., registered in the U.S. and other countries. All Rights Reserved DLA78405-080805-C Printed in China 2| IBOOM JUKEBOX USER MANUAL Tech Specs 15 Service + Support 16 FCC Statement 17 Warranty 18 |3 AboutiBoomJukeBoxImportantInformationAboutiBoomJukeBoxImportantInformation Please take a moment to read this manual before using your iBoom JukeBox. It contains important information about operating your new product. Disposal of your old product Your product is designed and manufactured with high quality materials and compo- nents, which can be recycled and reused. Please inform yourself about the local separate collection system for electrical and electronic products. Please take the package to your local recycling center. Warnings: • Do not expose the product to rain or water. • Limit exposure to sunlight to prevent heat build-up. • Do not disassemble or repair. • Keep away from high voltage devices. 4| IBOOM JUKEBOX USER MANUAL Product Overview Thanks for purchasing the DLO iBoom JukeBox, an elegant iPod speaker dock for enjoying your iPod in luxurious stereo sound, as well as an RF Display Remote to view and control iPod around the house. Featuring dual woofers and tweeters and an advanced, low-distortion Class D amplifier, iBoom JukeBox is the high-fidelity home sound solution for your iPod. Use the Display Remote to browse your iPod music and video lists on the bright display screen – including color Album Art – even through walls and from up to 75 feet away! iBoom JukeBox also charges the Display Remote as well as your iPod. Last but not least, use the Aux-In Jack to enjoy other audio devices out loud through the iBoom JukeBox, or use the AV-Out Jack to connect your iPod to your TV to enjoy your iPod movies in stereo (cables available separately). What’s in the Box 1. iBoom JukeBox 2. RF Display Remote 3. Dock Inserts for iPod 4. AC Power Adapter 5. User Manual 13UserManual542 |5 GettingStartedGettingStarted This section will help with the initial installation of your iBoom JukeBox. 1. Plug iBoom JukeBox into a wall outlet using the included AC Power Adapter. 2. Place the Display Remote on the charging bay on the back of the iBoom JukeBox, ensuring that all of the charging contacts touch. Allow the Display Remote to charge for at least four hours before using. 3. Place the appropriate Dock Insert for your iPod model (if necessary) into the iBoom JukeBox dock. Then, place your iPod into the dock. 4. Press the On/Off Button on the top of iBoom JukeBox. Use the Play/Pause Button, Previous/Next Track Buttons and Volume Buttons on your iBoom JukeBox as needed. 5. Press the Play Button on the top of iBoom JukeBox. Once the Display Remote is fully charged, you may use it to navigate and select your music. NOTE: The volume control on your iPod is disabled while docked. Instead, use the volume controls on the Display Remote or the iBoom JukeBox. 3PresstoturniBoomJukeBoxonandoff.POWERON/OFF56VOLUMEDOWNPresstolowerthevolumeoniBoomJukeBox. PresstoraisethevolumeoniBoomJukeBox.VOLUMEUP2Pressoncetoskiptothenexttrack. Pressandholdtofastforwardthecurrenttrack. NEXTTRACK4Presstoplay/pausethecurrenttrack.PLAY/PAUSE1Pressoncetorestartthecurrenttrack. Presstwicetoskiptotheprevioustrack. Pressandholdtorewindthecurrenttrack. PREVIOUSTRACK345612WheniPodisdocked563VOLUMEDOWNPresstolowerthevolumeoniBoomJukeBox. PresstoraisethevolumeoniBoomJukeBox. PresstoturniBoomJukeBoxonandoff.POWERON/OFFVOLUMEUP4Presstomutethecurrenttrack.Pressagaintoresumeplayback.PLAY/PAUSEWhenanaudiodeviceisconnectedviaAux-InNofunction.Controlplaybackusingyourdevice.PREVIOUSTRACK12Nofunction.Controlplaybackusingyourdevice.NEXTTRACK 6| IBOOM JUKEBOX USER MANUAL |7 UsingtheDisplayRemoteUsingtheDisplayRemote iBoom JukeBox comes with a state-of-the-art RF Display Remote that enables you to view and control your iPod content from room to room. The Display Remote features a bright screen that displays music and video lists just like on your iPod, as well as Now Playing info with color Album Art. The Display Remote is RF-based, with a range of approximately 75 feet. It can control iBoom JukeBox through walls, floors, etc., as long as you are within range of the base unit. After allowing the Display Remote to charge on the back of the iBoom JukeBox for at least four hours, remove it from the charging base and press any button to bring it out of “Sleep” mode. When the Display Remote is activated, the iPod will display a blank screen or “Accessory Attached.” NOTE: There may be a slight delay as the Display Remote queries your iPod to gather information. Browsing Music on the Display Remote Using the inner ring on the Display Remote, press the Next Menu/Select or Previous Menu Button to navigate through the iPod menus, and the Menu Line Item Up or Down Button to highlight your selection. To begin playing the selected track, press the Next Menu/Select Button. Play/PauseVolumeUpVolumeDownMenuLineItemUpMenuLineItemDownPreviousMenuNextMenu/Se...

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