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Инструкция по эксплуатации Master Appliance, модель UT-100

Производитель: Master Appliance
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Merci de lire ce manuel, s’assurer de l’avoir compris et le conserver en reference. Por favor lea, entienda y guarde este manual para referencia futura. Regulatory Information Declaration of Conformity: (According to EN 45014) Manufacturer’s Name: Master Appliance Corp. Manufacturer’s Address: 2420 - 18th Street Racine, WI 53403 U.S.A. Declares that the following product: Product Name: UT-100, UT-200 Conforms to the following product specifications: SAFETY DIRECTIVES: EN 123 12.81, EN 292 Parts 1&2, EN 294 Quality Department: Master Appliance Corp. FAX (262) 633-9745 Avis Reglementaires Declaration de conformite : (Selon EN 45014) Nom du fabricant : Master Appliance Corp. Adresse du fabricant : 2420 - 18th Street, Racine, WI 53403 Etats-Unis Declare que le produit suivant : Nom du produit : U T-100, UT-200 Est conforme aux caracteristiques suivantes : CONSIGNES DE SECURITE : EN 123 12.81, EN 292 Parties 1 et 2, EN 294 Departement qualite : Master Appliance Corp. FAX 1 262 633 97 45 Informacion de reglamentos Declaracion de conformidad: (Segun EN 45014) Nombre del fabricante: Master Appliance Corp. Direccion del fabricante: 2420 - 18th Street Racine, WI 53403 E.U.A. Declara que el siguiente producto: Nombre del producto: UT-100, UT-200 Esta en conformidad con las siguientes especificaciones de producto: DIRECTIVAS DE SEGURIDAD: EN 123 12.81, EN 292 Partes 1 y 2, EN 294 Departamento de calidad: Master Appliance Corp. FAX (262) 633-9745 2 Warnings WARNING: This product, when used for soldering and similar applications, produces chemicals known to the State of California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm. WARNING: By-products of the combustion of the fuel used by this product contain chemicals known to the State of California to cause cancer and reproductive harm. WARNING: The Department of Transportation Hazardous Material Regulations forbid the carriage of butane or other flammable gas products on passenger aircraft. Do not pack this item or any other flammable gas item, in any checked or carry-on luggage. Description Master Models UT-100 and UT-200 Ultratorch heat tools are variable temperature butane powered, multi-function heat tools. They can be operated as soldering irons, flameless heat tools or torches just by changing tips. Temperature is varied by adjusting the gas control lever. Hot Air Exhaust Knurled Nut Gas Control Ignition Vent Refill OpeningLever Fuel Window"On/Off" LeverShutter Lever Hot Air Exhaust Opening Tip Housing 3 Principles of Operation This product uses a catalytic gas reaction sys tem. The special catalyst contained in the tip is preheated with a butane flame. The preheated flame is extinguished when the shutter is closed over the ignition vent. Butane gas continues to flow over the preheated catalyst generating infrared heat which is either Hot Air Vent Catalyst conducted through the soldering iron tip or passed through the heat tip as hot gas. Tinned Evaporated Gas Chrome Plated Copper Base Iron Plated Use as a Soldering Iron, Heat Tool or Torch All models come with the soldering tip pre-installed. To change tips, unscrew knurled nut, drop out tip and drop in replacement tip. As a soldering iron, heat conducts into tip. Touch tip to work surface and apply solder. Use proper tip for type of work being performed. Make sure hot air exhaust points away from work surface. As a heat tool, heated gas flows from the end of the heat tip. Use the heated gas to heat, dry or shrink as necessary. Tip temperatures can be varied by adjusting the gas control lever. As a torch tool, flame extends from the end of the tool. Use flame to torch, braze or heat as necessary. Flame size can be varied by adjusting the gas control lever. Unit operates on butane gas and creates infared heat effectively by the use of a catalyst. Use only Master Ultratane butane with your Ultratorch. Make sure on/off lever is in “off” position before filling. To fill, press nozzle of butane can down onto refill opening. Unit is full when gas overflows refill opening. Check window for Fill with Ultratane Butane fuel level. 4 Ignition Instructions for use as a Soldering Iron or Heat Tool 1 2 1. Remove protective cap. Install soldering tip or heat tip as required by turning the knurled nut and tip housing to the right (figure1) and install tip (figure 2). Retighten knurled nut (Do not over tighten) Never change tips while hot. 2. Open the ignition vent by lowering the shutter lever. Do not touch the hot air exhaust opening. (Figure 4) 3 4 3. Position the gas control lever to 3 and move 5 6 on/off lever to “ON”. In cold conditions move gas lever higher, in warm conditions, lower. 4. Turn “ON/OFF” lever to “ON” position and ignite at ignition vent (Figure 3) 5. Wait until a glow is seen at the catalyst (seen through the ignition vent after about 4-5 seconds). 6. Close the ignition vent completely by raising the shutter lever (Figure 4). The flame will go out and the gas will react ...

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