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Инструкция по эксплуатации Global Machinery Company, модель VEC156-AU

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Important. Before you begin charging, ensure that the spotlight trigger switch (1) is in the off position. 1.Plug the DC fused recharge adapter (10) into the recharge port located in front of the trigger switch (5). 2. Insert the power plug into the accessory socket of your power source. The LED indicator (6) will show power and that charging is taking place. 3. Charge for approximately 15 hours max or until the green LED is lit. 4. Disconnect charger from power supply. Unplug the barrel connecter from the recharge port (5) Wait 5 minutes before use. Store adaptor in a safe place. Do not overcharge – Charge until LED light green status. DO NOT charge for more than 15 hours with DC charger. NOTE. Some vehicles must have the ignition switch on to power the vehicle accessory outlet. LED indicators The spotlight has 3 LED indicators (6) which indicates battery level when in operation and status whilst charging. First red LED indicates battery is in a low level of charge. Second red LED indicates battery is partially charged. Green LED indicates battery is fully charged. To turn the LED on and off, depress the LED Indicator Switch (8) Using the spotlight The Spotlight has a digital electronic control dimmer with three levels of brightness. Depressing the trigger switch (1) advances the brightness of the spotlight to dim, brighter, brightest (fig. A). This allows the user to set the desired brightness of the light. Depressing trigger at one second intervals to allow the internal circuits to set to the next level. Lower brightness operation extends the run time. The Trigger Switch may be locked in the ON position (fig. B) to provide continuous light at any level without continuously depressing the Trigger Switch. To lock trigger switch slide trigger switch lock upwards. This can be done in the on or off position. To release lock, slide lock downwards. Replacing the spotlight To replace the H3 type 6V bulb you will need a small Phillips type screwdriver and a replacement bulb (GMC Part VEC117- AUBUL). Bulb life may be shortened by installing a bulb with dirt or fingerprints on it. The bulb can be wiped clean with a cloth moistened with alcohol. During bulb installation, avoid touching the glass part of the bulb 1. Disconnect the unit from charging adapter. 2. Pull backward the rubber bezel away from the front of the spotlight to reveal two small Phillips screws in the Retaining Ring (fig. C). 3. Using the screwdriver, remove (counter-clockwise) the two screws and set them aside (fig. D). 4. Lift off the retaining ring, glass lens and rubber “O” ring and set them aside (fig. E & F). A C D F E B 5. Carefully remove the reflector and bulb assembly (fig. G). 6. Disconnect the bulb wire from the red power wire (fig. H). 7. Unsnap the hairpin retaining wires from the reflector’s flange (fig. I). 8. Using the screwdriver, loosen the retaining screw to remove the bulb from the reflector (no need to completely remove this screw). 9. Lift out the bulb and the attached wire (fig. J). 10.Insert the replacement bulb into the reflector’s flange. 11.Put back and secure the hairpin retaining wires (fig. K). 12.Connect the white bulb power wire to the red power wire(fig. L). 13.Tighten the retaining screw on the flange (fig. M). 14.Reassemble in reverse order. 15.Operate switch to ensure proper operation of spotlight (fig. N). Replacing the battery pack The Sealed Lead Acid Battery has a life of several years, if recharged promptly after each use. When a fully charged battery only provides about five minutes or less of spotlight operation, it should be replaced with a new one. To replace the battery you will need the GMC Part VEC117-AUBAT. WARNING. DO NOT ALLOW BARE CONNECTORS TO CONTACT EACH OTHER DANGEROUS SPARKING CAN OCCUR. NOTE. WHICH WIRES ARE ON THE BATTERY TERMINALS CAUTION. Incorrectly connected wires will not allow the spotlight to operate. Incorrect battery polarity will damage the circuits inside the spotlight. Double check battery polarity before reassembly! N M G H J I L K Replacing the DC fuse plug The fuse in the DC plug (10) protects the charging circuit of the DC Recharge Adapter. If the AC recharger operates but the DC charging adapter does not, then the fuse may be opened. To replace the fuse: 1. Unscrew the end cap of the DC Plug. 2. Remove spring center contact and fuse. 3. Check fuse with a continuity checker. 4. If blown, locate replacement fuse with same type and rating (0.5A) 5. Replace the fuse, spring, contact and end cap. 6. Screw end cap clockwise until it is finger tight. DO NOT OVER-TIGHTEN 7. Check for proper operation of DC Charger Adapter. Maintenance Store the spotlight, instruction manual and where necessary the accessories in the original packaging. In this way you will always have all the information and parts ready to hand. Do not throw used batteries into fire or water. There is a danger of explosion! Please hand in non-working or used batteries, or tools with built-in batteries, to the envi...

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