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Инструкция по эксплуатации BLACKHAWK!, модель Work Light

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• Do not stare directly into the light; momentary blindness and/or eye damage could result. • Use caution when using the light as it can cause momentary blindness and/or disorientation within the subject and surrounding individuals. WARRANTY Dear Valued Customer: Thank you for choosing Night-Ops® Illumination Tools! Night-Ops Illumination Tools are warranted to their original owner to be free from defects in parts and workmanship for the life of that owner. Excluded from this warranty are the batteries, bulbs (lamps), and electronics found within the Night-Ops line. There is no coverage for the batteries and bulbs (lamps) but the electronics are covered by a one year warranty with proof of purchase. At our option, Blackhawk Products Group™ will repair, replace or refund the purchase price of any of the Night-Ops products that are found to be defective under these guidelines unless it is damaged due to ordinary wear and tear, damaged due to 5 lack of proper maintenance, damaged by employment outside of their areas of intended use, damaged through misuse of the product or by failure to follow the instructions and warnings contained herein. The following conditions and exclusions also apply: Disassembly of any part of the Illumination Tool other than for battery or bulb (lamp) replacement (as described in the instruction manual) will void this warranty as will alteration, misuse, battery leakage or lack of proper maintenance. Normal wear is to be expected under this warranty. For each Illumination Tool submitted for warranty consideration, you must first obtain a Return Merchandise Authorization (RMA) number from BlackHawk Products Group. Please contact BlackHawk Products Group at 1-800-694-5263 (phone), 888-830-2013 (fax) or cs.blackhawk.com (eMail) to receive a Return Authorization Number. Please take a moment to fill out the attached card and return to the address provided. The information you provide is invaluable in helping us to continue to design innovative & dependable Illumination Tools. It will also enable us to send you information on new products as well as special sales promotions taking place at your nearest Night-Ops Authorized Dealer. 6 BLACKHAWK PRODUCTS GROUP • NORFOLK, VA, USA BLACKHAWK.COM • 800.694.5263 Legacy Illumination Tool Instructions Legacy Class Illumination Tools & accessories are top quality, straight forward, multi-use illumination devices. These tools provide high output, non-digitally regulated white light through the use of Xenon incandescent lamp assemblies. Legacy Class Illumination Tools are designed with the following features and construction: • Manufactured from Aircraft Grade Aluminum • Polycarbonate lenses • Durable Type II Anodized Finish • What is Type II Anodizing? – Type II anodizing is the best industrial anodized coating for the type of lights listed below that are manufactured from aluminum materials. Such anodizing will protect the aluminum parts by making the surface much harder than natural, bare aluminum and it will provide excellent corrosion protection and resistance to wear. • High-Output, High-Pressure Xenon Lamps • What is Xenon Technology? – Simply stated, Xenon lamps are miniature lamps filled with high pressure Xenon gas that enhances the brightness capabilities up to 180% over similarly sized & designed Halogen lamps. These high quality, high output incandescent Xenon lamps allow a large amount of “White Light” to be projected from very small illumination tools. • Dual Function Switching: Momentary and Constant On 1 Overview Congratulations on your purchase of this Night-Ops® Legacy Illumination Tool. If you are looking for the maximum light output in a group of lights this size, then the Legacy Class is right for you. All Legacy Class lights feature an anti-roll system and a Xenon lamp assembly that produces a blinding, intense white light output in all models. The beam signature is a concentrated, pre-focused pattern and has no shadows or unsightly artifacts that many focusable lights exhibit. Each tool provides a large amount of light in a portable, ergonomic package. A clickable tailcap switch is also standard on all models and it allows the user to operate these devices in either Momentary or Constant On modes. All Legacy Class lights can also be weapon mounted and controlled with an optional removable tape switch, which is remote pressure activated. All Legacy Class lights are designed to operate on CR123A lithium batteries. Proper care and use of this product will provide you with years of dependable service. Battery Installation Instructions All Legacy Class Illumination Tools require the proper installation of CR123A lithium batteries (only). Insert the required number of NEW 3-volt CR123A batteries with positive (“+”) terminal end first towards the bezel end of the device. Use only high quality batteries 2 such as Duracell, Panasonic or Night-Ops brands. The batteries are installed or changed by unscrewing the rear portion of the light by...

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