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Инструкция по эксплуатации Bissell, модель PET HAIR ERASER 6 7 5 0

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Remove the cord and plug it into an electrical outlet. There are two quick release cord wraps for easy cord removal, and a cord clip that is part of the upper cord wrap where you can attach the cord when vacuuming. 2. When finished cleaning, turn vacuum cleaner off. Unplug power cord by grasping the polarized plug (NOT the cord) and disconnect from outlet. 3. Return Quick Release cord wrap to original position and loop power cord around cord wrap. Clip molded plug to power cord to secure. 6 Quick Release Cord Wraps 800.237.7691 Power switch Operations Operations the Power Switch is located just below the handle on the front of the vacuum. Push the rocker switch “on” (I) to vacuum, and “oFF” (o) when cleaning is complete. Handle positions Press the handle release pedal, located on the lower left side of the vacuum, with your foot to place your vacuum into one of three cleaning positions. 1. upright – For storage and above floor cleaning with tools. 2. normal cleaning – Press handle release pedal once. Position used for most household floor cleaning tasks. 3. Low cleaning – With the vacuum in normal cleaning position, press handle release pedal again. Use for reaching under low furniture such as tables, chairs or beds. Height adjustment there are seven height settings available for various floor surfaces. turn the dial on the foot of the cleaner to the desired setting. Lowest setting – For low pile carpet or bare floors. to pick up debris it may be necessary to move up one setting. Medium settings – For medium pile carpet. High setting – For high pile and most shag carpet. note: For optimal carpet cleaning performance, adjust to the lowest practical setting. If your cleaner is difficult to push, adjust to the next higher setting. If the dial is difficult to turn, tilt the cleaner back slightly to take the weight off the foot while turning. Pet Hair Lifter use to pick up pet hair from carpeted surfaces. Just vacuum like you normally would. the vacuum will grab pet hair when you pull back and it will release hair and suction it up when you push forward. notE: turn vacuum off before you flip up or flip down the Pet Hair Lifter. cAutIon: Before using your vacuum, make sure that the dirt container is in the locked position and that all filters (premotor and HEPA post-motor) are in place. Do not operate your vacuum without these filters. 1. 2. 3. Tip: Before cleaning under low furniture, check area first for objects that might harm the unit or block the vacuum hose. cAutIon: To avoid personal injury and to prevent the cleaner from falling when cleaning stairs, always place it at the bottom of the stairs. notIcE: For above floor cleaning, the floor brush will continue to rotate but is raised above floor. To prevent carpet damage, do not lean on the vacuum or let the powerfoot tilt forward. 800.237.7691 7 Operations Operations Pet Hair Lifter 1. To vacuum carpeting, while vacuum is in upright position flip down until it clicks into place on the front of the foot. Turn height adjustment knob to pet hair setting. 2. To vacuum non-carpet surfaces flip up. Push the yellow release button just above the feature, and it will flip up and out of the way. transporting cleaner 1. To move your cleaner from room to room, put the handle in the upright position, tilt the cleaner back on its rear wheels and push forward. 2. The cleaner can also be moved by using the carrying handle. clean filter indicator the clean filter indicator tells you when the air flow in your vacuum is reduced due to dirty filters or a clog in the hose. the indicator will remain green while the unit is running until the airflow is reduced by a clog or dirty filter. At that time, it begins to change to red or black. When it is fully red, the airflow is reduced or clogged by a dirty filter. Follow steps on page 11 to clean your filters. All filters in the vacuum should be cleaned or replaced when the indicator turns red. If the indicator turns black, there is a clog in your hose. to check and remove the clog, remove the hose from the unit by turning the twist ‘n Snap hose to the right. try to visually locate the clog, then use a blunt long object such as a broom handle to loosen and remove the debris. once completed, reassemble the hose to the unit. If the indicator remains red or black with the vacuum running, follow the steps on page 15 to check for and clear clogs. notE: When your vacuum is turned off, the clean filter indicator will go to the red color setting. the clean filter indicator only detects reductions in air flow when the vacuum power is on. 8 1. 2. 1. 2a. 2b. right way to carry wrong way to carry Clean Filter Indicator notIcE: While vacuuming, certain carpets and low humidity conditions may generate small static discharges. The dischargesare entirely harmless and are not associated in any way with the main power supply. 800.237.7691 Operations Special on-board tools your vacuum is not only a powerf...

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