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Инструкция по эксплуатации Bissell, модель PET HAIR ERASER 3 9 2 0

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Always place vacuum cleaner on the floor with handle in upright position when using tools. Never place your fingers under the cleaner when it is running. Never place powerfoot on furniture or uneven surfaces. Do not place vacuum cleaner close enough to objects to pull them into rotating brush. 9 800.237.7691 Maintenance and care to maximize your cleaning performance and extend the life of your vacuum, it is very important that you empty your dirt container and check and clean your filters frequently. Perform the following maintenance steps: 1. Empty the dirt container when the dirt reaches the “Full” line on the container, or more frequently to prevent overfills. For best performance, empty after each use. 2. Check the pre-motor filter and post-motor HEPA media filter at least once a month, clean or replace as needed. WARnIng: To reduce the risk of electric shock, turn power switch OFF and disconnect polarized plug from electrical outlet before performing maintenance or troubleshooting checks. notE: Be sure to clean or replace your filters anytime the clean filter indicator begins to turn red. notE: More frequent filter cleaning may be necessary if you are vacuuming new carpet, fine dust, or have allergy concerns. Follow the instructions on the following pages to perform these simple maintenance steps. Tip: To maximize cleaning performance, check and clean or replace all filters as suggested. 10 800.237.7691 Maintenance and care Empty dirt container the dirt container needs to be emptied when the dirt reaches the “Full” line on the container. 1. Unplug the vacuum from electrical outlet. 2. Slide the Lock ‘n Seal Lever to the “Unlock” position. 2. Unlock 3. Grasp handle and pull the dirt container 3. straight out to remove from the vacuum. 4. Empty dirt into garbage container. notE: Emptying the dirt container after every use will help prevent over filling and ensure that the vacuum is ready to go the next time you clean. cleaning the pre-motor and post-motor HEPA media filter 1. Unplug the vacuum from electrical outlet. 2. The pre-motor filter protects the motor from dirt particles. It is located in the slide out tray underneath the dirt container. If the filter becomes dirty, pull out the tray, lift out the foam filter pad and clean it. notE: the pre-motor filter may be hand washed in cold water with mild detergent. Rinse well and air dry thoroughly before replacing. 3. The post-motor HEPA media filter assists in the filtration process to return clean air to the room. It is located behind the door on the side of the vacuum. If the filter becomes dirty, open the door, remove the filter and replace. notE: the post-motor filter is a white, pleated HEPA media filter. this filter is not washable and must be replaced when it becomes dirty. Post-Motor HEPA Media Filter Washable Pre-Motor Filter WARnIng: Do not operate cleaner with damp or wet filters or without all filters in place. 800.237.7691 11 Maintenance and care check rotating floor brush and drive belt you should check your vacuum cleaner’s rotating floor brush and drive belt regularly for wear or damage. you should also clean the brush and brush ends of strings, hair and carpet fibers. this type of debris can wrap around the brush and hamper its ability to effectively clean your carpet. Also remove any debris that has accumulated under the brush cover. 1. Unplug the vacuum from electrical outlet. 2. Place handle in low position and turn vacuum cleaner over so bottom side is facing up. 3. Lift tab 1 and release the three latches in order 2-4 marked. Lift off the brush cover. 4. Grasp rotating floor brush at both ends and lift. 5. Clean strings, hair and other debris from rotating floor brush, paying particular attention to brush ends. 6. Clean strings, hair and other debris from motor pulley and drive belt areas. 7. Check drive belt carefully for wear, cuts or stressed areas. If belt is damaged, see "Replace drive belt" section on page 13. 8. Check air passageway for obstructions. Remove debris from this area. WARnIng: To reduce the risk of injury from moving parts, turn vacuum cleaner off and disconnect power plug from electrical outlet. 3. Motor Pulley Air Passageway 12 800.237.7691 Maintenance and care Maintenance and care Replace drive belt 2. 1. Unplug the vacuum from electrical outlet. 2. With rotating floor brush removed from vacuum cleaner (Steps 1-4 of check rotating floor brush and drive belt), grasp old drive belt and remove from motor pulley. Discard the old drive belt. 3 Place new drive belt over motor pulley and loop other end over rotating floor brush in the space between the bristles. 3. notE: It is important that you use only genuine BISSELL replacement belts. generic belts may not meet the exacting specifications required to keep your vacuum operating at its peak performance. the use of unbranded belts could lead to early failure of the vacuum and could void Motor Pulley you...

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